Artificial Intelligence & Their Rights


The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. Type 1: Reactive Machines Cortana, Siri, Google Now, A.L.I.C.E., Tumblrbots, AlphaGo, Deep Blue, and IBM's Watson are all examples of reactive machines. Machines that learn, to a point. For example, Deep Blue, who beat the international grand chess master at his own game, could learn and predict possible moves, and knew the rules of the game. But that was it, it could only learn and study and play the game in real time.

A human/machine alliance is the solution of the future


The Fourth Industrial Revolution, an age of automation, advanced AI, and human-machine collaboration is by most measures, well underway. In recent years, we have seen rapid advancements in machine intelligence, so much so that AI is matching or outperforming humans in many different areas. This is not to say that humans are obsolete. We still have our strengths and by recognizing what they are, can we take advantage of machines and get the best of both worlds. In imagine identification, Google's Neural Image Assessment (NIA) has been trained to accurately predict how we're likely to respond to a particular image based on how aesthetically pleasing it is.

Windows 10 preview lets Cortana play music, turn off your PC


Cortana is the star of a big new Windows 10 Insider Preview build. Microsoft says that voice control of your PC was one its "top requests," so the latest update now lets you shutdown, restart, lock or sleep your system using the voice assistant. You can also use natural language to play music on two apps (iHeartRadio and TuneIn) by saying "Play Drake on iHeartRadio," for instance. Once the music starts, you can use your voice to control playback and volume. If you request a song or genre without specifying the app, it'll remember the last one you used and play it from that.

Siri creators launch Viv, a voice assistant that hopes to run people's entire lives

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Nasa has announced that it has found evidence of flowing water on Mars. Scientists have long speculated that Recurring Slope Lineae -- or dark patches -- on Mars were made up of briny water but the new findings prove that those patches are caused by liquid water, which it has established by finding hydrated salts. Several hundred camped outside the London store in Covent Garden. The 6s will have new features like a vastly improved camera and a pressure-sensitive "3D Touch" display

Voice Recognition Software Finally Beats Humans At Typing, Study Finds

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Computers have already beaten us at chess, Jeopardy and Go, the ancient board game from Asia. And now, in the raging war with machines, human beings have lost yet another battle -- over typing. Turns out voice recognition software has improved to the point where it is significantly faster and more accurate at producing text on a mobile device than we are at typing on its keyboard. The study ran tests in English and Mandarin Chinese. Baidu chief scientist Andrew Ng says this should not feel like defeat.