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Three Kidnapped Turkish Engineers Released in Southern Libya

U.S. News

In November, an unknown armed group kidnapped four engineers, three from Turkey and one from South Africa. The engineers were working for the Turkish company Enka on a 640 MW power plant in Ubari deep in Libya's south.

Career-Advice-for-Young-Engineers - PROPRIUS


Starting down the path toward any new career in the Artificial Intelligence Industry can be a bit daunting. The way forward isn't always clear, and if you're like other aspiring engineers, you're probably ready to do some internet research and design a plan for yourself to succeed. Luckily, there are many helpful articles and reference points online, and these articles should help you on the road to your best engineering work. This article is a great starting point for fresh engineers because it begins right out of college, in the middle of that transitory phase between the relative fantasy-land of school and the gritty reality of the "real world." The article pulls no punches, reminding engineers that even though they just finished college, they are still just beginning their careers; in a way, they are little more than children in the grand scheme of engineering life.

Senior Software Engineer / Software Engineer – Machine Learning - MyTV Super Limited


Personalization, Targeted Advertising/Recommendation will be the key successful factors for the video platforms of next generation. Our Big Data development team is growing and we are looking for software engineers to help us to create exceptional personalized customer experiences by using a variety of Big Data technologies and solve different business problems.

Apple engineers could walk away from FBI's iPhone demands


Should the FBI prevail in getting Apple to offer a backdoor for an encrypted iPhone, the agency may have trouble getting anyone to build it. At least that's the word from several current and former Apple employees--including security engineers--who spoke anonymously to the New York Times. Some said they're refuse to do the work, or quit their jobs if necessary, rather than create what they believe is a major security compromise for all users. Apple is currently appealing a U.S. District Court order to build a separate version of iOS that would allow the FBI to unlock one particular iPhone 5c. The FBI wants access to the phone of Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the shooters responsible for killing 14 people and injuring 22 others in San Bernadino last December.

Machine Learning in Security: 4 Factors to Consider


There's a good chance you've considered the implications of machine learning for your security team. As data increases, the skill gap widens, and hackers' strategies get more complex, businesses struggle to detect and address cyberattacks. Machine learning enables behavioral analytics and cognitive security to detonate attachments before they arrive in someone's inbox, or correlate types of activity across a network of thousands of users. The ability to stop attacks before they occur is powerful, but how should security leaders start the process of making their systems smarter with machine learning? Avnet CISO Sean Valcamp advises perfecting your security posture first.