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Digital Ethics and the future of humanity. Gerd Leonhard Futurist Keynote Speaker TedXBrussels


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Think Like a Futurist to Be Prepared for the Totally Unexpected WSJD - Technology

The art and science of futuring is fast becoming a necessary skill, where we read signals, see trends and ruthlessly test our own assumptions.

This futurist isn't scared of AI stealing your job. Here's why


Technology has always been a double-edged sword, since fire kept us warm but burned down our houses. It's very clear that overall human life has gotten better, although technology amplifies both our creative and destructive impulses. A lot of people think things are getting worse, partly because that's actually an evolutionary adaptation: It's very important for your survival to be sensitive to bad news. A little rustling in the leaves may be a predator, and you better pay attention to that. All of these technologies are a risk.

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