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For the business leader or entrepreneur, every day can seem like a battle. Phone calls, text messages, setting appointments, taking notes of conversations, attending meetings. Even prioritizing your email inbox seems like a daunting task. Wouldn't it be great if you could have a personal assistant who would take care of all that for you? Well, that is the promise of Artificial Intelligence Apps.

Top 7 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android & iOS


"Listen to me as I speak, do what I say and give me what I demand", – the best way to depict the ancient times of kings, where everyone was bound to obey them. Not while ago, the time has come for everyone to say the command and let the courtiers do the rest. However, the courtiers are not humans anymore as it was in the ancient times – machines have replaced the humans and the kings are common people. All I am talking about is Artificial Intelligence- where machines can think and work like humans. The popularity of artificial intelligence is no longer new as everyone whether using iPhone or not would be well aware of SIRI.

Everything You Need To Know About AI Assistants, From Siri To Ozlo


In the latest attempt to fulfill sci-fi movie fantasies, tech firms have been lining up to provide you with a virtual assistant. From well-known voice-powered AIs such as Apple's Siri to upstarts like Viv, the goal is to quicken the actions you already take on your phone and other devices, growing ever-more efficient at the job by learning from your behavior. But like any hired help, each of these AI assistants has different skills, blind spots, and quirks. Bio: A voice-driven assistant that talks back to you--invoked by long-pressing the iPhone or iPad home button--and proactively recommends actions to take. Recently took up residence on Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Apple Finally Put Siri Where It Belongs

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Many aspects of my life are neat and organized. My computer is not one of them. I rarely purge my system of old files and photos. I forget to uninstall software I don't need anymore. My desktop is a mess of thumbnails and documents.

Top 19 Intelligent Personal Assistants or Automated Personal Assistants - Predictive Analytics Today


Intelligent Personal Assistant, Automated Personal Assistant or Automated Virtual Personal Assistant can perform tasks, or services, on behalf of an individual based on a combination of user input, and location awareness. It has the ability to access information from a variety of online sources such as weather conditions, traffic congestion, news, stock prices, user schedules, and retail prices. Intelligent Personal Assistant has the ability to organize and maintain information and includes the management of emails, calendar events, files, and to do lists. Some automated personal assistants can perform concierge type tasks or provide information based on voice input or commands and some smart personal agents, which can automatically perform management or data handling tasks based on online information without user initiation or interaction. Intelligent Agents can be classified based on their degree of perceived intelligence and capability such as simple reflex agents, model-based reflex agents, goal-based agents, utility-based agents and learning agents.