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San Francisco woman dies after drinking poisonous tea

Los Angeles Times

A woman is dead after drinking tea containing a lethal poison that she unwittingly bought from an herbalist in San Francisco's Chinatown, public health officials announced Monday. The woman, whose identity was not released, became sick within an hour after sipping tea in February, according to Rachael Kagan, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco Department of Public Health. The woman, who was in her 50s, immediately developed weakness and abnormal heart rhythms, which required resuscitation. The San Francisco resident was hospitalized for weeks. She died Saturday, Kagan said.

Santa Monica High School freshman dies after falling from apartment building while on LSD

Los Angeles Times

A 15-year-old Santa Monica High student died over the weekend after trying the drug LSD and falling from an apartment building, school officials said Monday. In a letter addressed to parents and family members, Principal Antonio Shelton said that Andre Zuczek died after suffering major brain trauma. The letter said Zuczek's family wanted to share the full circumstances of his death "so that other parents may be spared from losing a child to drug use." A statement from Zuczek's family said he and some friends tried LSD, commonly referred to as acid, on Saturday. "Things went badly very quickly as Andre had what is though to be a'bad trip,' and fell from a third-floor apartment," the statement said.

Man fires shots at L.A. County Sheriff's Station in Temple City

Los Angeles Times

A gunman was found dead inside an SUV after he fired shots Monday morning at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department station in Temple City, according to officials. Shots were fired from a dark blue SUV about 7:30 a.m. at personnel and the station in the 8800 block of Las Tunas Drive, said Deputy Juanita Navarro-Suarez, a department spokeswoman. "Temple Station personnel engaged the suspect in an attempt to neutralize the threat," she said in a written statement. Television footage showed members of a special weapons team in an armored vehicle approaching the SUV slowly. A right boot was visible in a shattered rear window of the SUV.

1-year-old boy survives 25-foot plunge down waterfall after being swept away by fast-moving waters

Los Angeles Times

A 1-year-old boy survived a 25-foot drop down a waterfall near Lake Arrowhead after he was swept away in a creek's fast-moving waters on Sunday, San Bernardino County sheriff's rescuers said. The boy fell down Aztec Falls after 2 p.m. Sunday while he was being carried across Deep Creek by a family member, said Cpl. Michael Gilley. Relatives didn't see the boy emerge from the water at the bottom for several minutes and thought the worst, Gilley said. But when emergency responders arrived and airlifted him to a nearby hospital he turned out to be fine, Gilley said. "When we fly people out of there it's usually not good," Gilley said, noting that the falls are a popular diving spot.

If sheriff's deputies are involved in misconduct, prosecutors have to know

Los Angeles Times

There are about 300 Los Angeles County deputy sheriffs and higher-ranking officials whose personnel files include evidence that they lied, took bribes, used excessive force or committed some other type of misconduct that is sufficiently serious to undermine their credibility as prosecution witnesses in criminal cases. Prosecutors have a constitutional duty to share that kind of evidence about their witnesses with defendants, but they can't do it if they don't know about it, and the California Supreme Court has blocked them from poring through law enforcement files themselves to find out who those deputies might be. The obvious solution is for Sheriff Jim McDonnell to provide Dist. Jackie Lacey with the names (and only the names, not the files themselves) of those deputies so that she can meet her obligation to inform defendants. Once notified, defendants could ask the court to examine and even disclose the problematic personnel information.