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Microsoft Search: What you need to know


In 2018, Microsoft introduced its plans for a unified search experience across Windows, Edge and its Office apps. Since then, the company has been filling in the pieces of that experience, which it branded "Microsoft Search." In December this year, Microsoft is on tap to deliver a number of the missing components tat the core of its unified search strategy, so it feels like the perfect time for an explainer on Microsoft Search. Microsoft Search is a combination of technologies meant to bring together Intranet and Web results across a number of Microsoft products and services. It's a new unified search approach that Microsoft first announced publicly in 2018.

Microsoft Luring People To Use Edge Browser, Bing With Vouchers, Credits

International Business Times

Would you be willing to use Microsoft's Edge browser and the Redmond-headquartered company's own search engine, Bing, if you will get paid to do so? In a desperate move to increase the number of users of its Edge browser, Microsoft launched Microsoft Rewards on Wednesday with the aim of luring more people into using Internet Explorer's successor in exchange for some goodies. According to The Guardian, Microsoft is now bribing people to switch to its relatively new default browser, since not many people are using the replacement of Internet Explorer ever since it was launched alongside Windows 10. With Microsoft Rewards, which is exclusive to the U.S. market only, consumers who are making the big switch will earn points by using Edge. Microsoft is even monitoring the number of hours people are spending on Edge, and the company ensured that this monitoring system is very strict that consumers would not be able to cheat to obtain more points.



With Bing Rewards, you'd receive a Bing Rewards credit for every two Bing searches you performed per day (up to roughly 30 or so on your PC, and an additional 20 on a mobile phone). Under the new system, Bing Rewards credits will be replaced by Microsoft Points. Now, however, Microsoft says you'll also earn points for shopping at the physical Microsoft stores; buying movies, music and more via the Windows 10 Store app; as well as browsing with Edge. To take advantage of the new Microsoft Rewards points for browsing with Microsoft Edge, you have the browser open, like this.

Microsoft (MSFT) Has A Billion Reasons To Care Who Buys Yahoo

International Business Times

Microsoft has billions of reasons to care about who might buy Yahoo, and it's quietly making moves to ensure the troubled web giant goes to the right company. The company's vice president of strategy and acquisitions, Peggy Johnson, is reportedly engaged in talks with a number of possible Yahoo buyers to explore the possibility of partly financing a Yahoo acquisition, in exchange for favorable treatment of an arrangement that sees Microsoft's Bing search engine providing a majority of Yahoo's desktop search engine results, according to Re/code. "Offering to help with financing is a smart move for Microsoft," BGC Partners' Colin Gillis told USA Today. "They must protect their investment." Microsoft effectively abandoned its territory in the display ad and advertising technology business over the past year, mostly because it wanted to focus more on its cloud and software interests.

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 19H1 test build separates search and Cortana


The newest test build, delivered on Janaury 16, removes Cortana from Search, as had been widely expected and already had been in testing with some Insiders for "a few weeks." With Windows 10 19H1 Build 18317, Search and Cortana are decoupled in the taskbar. Microsoft's explanation for the decision is "this will enable each experience to innovate independently to best serve their target audiences and use cases." A number of Windows users never understood or appreciated Microsoft's original idea of co-mingling Cortana and Search. Microsoft is turning Microsoft Search into a unified experience across Windows 10, Office 365, Edge, Bing (with Microsoft Search in Bing, formerly known as Bing for Business).