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Lyft goes classy with new Premier service


Users looking for a buttoned-up ride will find the "Premier" option below the Line, classic and Plus options in Lyft's mobile app and will be matched with a driver in a BMW 5 series, Audi A6, Lexus ES or Cadillac Escalade. Of course, luxury transportation comes at a premium: a quick look at fare estimates for a crosstown ride in San Francisco were about twice the cost of a regular Lyft ride. While Premier service is only available in those three areas today, Lyft is promising to roll out the service to more cities in the near future. The driverless option, meanwhile, is still a couple years off.

Ferry, weekend commuter service slashed as MBTA rolls out service cuts

Boston Herald

MBTA riders saw the first in a series of deep service cuts on Saturday as the system slashed ferry and weekend commuter rail schedules with ridership and revenues bottomed out amid the pandemic. The agency eliminated weekend service on seven lines. Newburyport/Rockport, Framingham/Worcester, Fairmount, Providence, and Middleborough lines are now the only ones offering Saturday and Sunday schedules, according to the MBTA. "Ridership has remained low during the pandemic with approximately 8% of regular weekday ridership in the fall of 2020 compared to fall 2019," the agency wrote on its website. Hingham direct ferry service and all Charlestown ferry service was also temporarily suspended.

VW's first electric bus begins service in mid-March


The I.D. Buzz might not be the first electric Volkswagen bus you see roaming the streets. VW's Scania brand has announced that its first electric bus, the Citywide Low Floor, is going into full-fledged service in the Swedish town of Österlund in mid-March. The initial three buses will run a 9.3-mile route with about 40 stops, and they'll make a total of 100 trips each day. The vehicles' 10-minute charging intervals (helped by massive charging stations) keep them from being sidelined for hours like typical electric cars.

Unlicensed taxi services flourishing as Chinese flood Japan

The Japan Times

OSAKA – Unlicensed taxi services run by Chinese residents are popping up at airports and tourist spots as more of their compatriots visit Japan.

Thousands of Seoul Taxi-Drivers Rally Against Plans for Carpool Service

U.S. News

SEOUL (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of South Korean taxi-drivers held a rally on Thursday in Seoul, the capital, saying a carpooling service planned by the operator of the country's top chat app would threaten their livelihoods and jobs.