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Novice-Friendly Authoring of Plan-Based Interactive Storyboards

AAAI Conferences

Story Canvas is a visual authoring tool for the creation of interactive, generative stories. Aimed at authors without a technical background in computational storytelling, our system takes an existing author goal-based narrative planning architecture and adds a highly visual authoring and reading interface to the technology, using the language of storyboards and comics as a framework for both authoring and interacting with the resulting narratives. In this paper we describe Story Canvas and its evolution from our previous authoring work, including how our interface choices have been driven by our previous experiences with non-technical authors, and describe the details of translating the visual authoring constructs into story plans within the story generator.

'A Christmas Story' House available for overnight Christmas stays

FOX News

Actor Zack Ward, who played Farkus in the classic film'A Christmas Story,' spoke with Fox News about his memories filming the beloved holiday movie. There's still time for you to live like Ralphie Parker at the Christmas Story House & Museum. The cinematic tourist destination is available for overnight stays on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, according to Brian Jones – the museum's owner. A Christmas Story House & amp; Museum is located at 3159 West 11th Street in Cleveland, Ohio. The property was used for interior shots in the 1983 holiday classic, 'A Christmas Story.' (A Christmas Story House & Museum) Fans who wish to stay at the home that starred in the 1983 holiday classic, "A Christmas Story," will have to travel to Cleveland if they're looking to snap photos of a "fragile" leg lamp or BB gun and drink their fill of Ovaltine.

Story And Character May Turn Out To Be 'Anthem's Biggest Weakness

Forbes - Tech

Bioware used to be one of the premier developers in video gaming but with fan dissatisfaction over the ending of the Mass Effect trilogy and the broken disappointment of Mass Effect 4, the studio is a pale shadow of what it once was. Bioware made its reputation with video games that featured compelling stories, strong narrative and well-developed characters. The studio hopes to refresh and build on these strengths in its upcoming multiplayer shooter Anthem. As a huge fan of earlier Bioware games, I want these hopes to be fulfilled, but based on what was said and shown during the deep dive into Anthem at EA's E3 Press Conference, I think there's cause for concern. Casey Hudson was the Project Director for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect trilogy before he left Bioware in 2014.

Snapchat Custom Stories Update: How To Use New Feature

International Business Times

Snapchat released yet another update on Tuesday. This one allows users to create their own custom Stories that can have multiple contributors, select who can see that Story and set it for a specific location. This story feature is an addition to the two Story options previously available in the app called "My Story" and "Our Story." "My Story" is only shared with your Snapchat friends, while "Our Story" can be added to the general story for the area or city you're in or event you're at. "Our Story" is also searchable on the app for all users, so Snaps added there could end up in search results.

Snapchat 2017 Story: How To Get Your Year's Memories

International Business Times

Snapchat is finally giving users what they've been asking for since stories and memories were introduced to the app. Wednesday, Snapchat made it possible for users to see their memories from the year all compiled into one long "2017 Story" in memories in the app. Snapchat added the new feature because users had been asking for it, and since memories has been live for over a year, it's finally possible to make a story for the whole year.