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Playbuzz quiz sees whether you know the correct spelling of words

Daily Mail - Science & tech

With many relying on spell checkers these days, most people won't have had their spelling ability tested since leaving school. But now, a new fiendishly difficult test online will reveal just how good your spelling is. The quiz, created by Playbuzz user Cody Cross, tests you on words that often trip people up - by putting two possible spellings side by side. So, how many can you get right? Try the test below to find out... and scroll down to the bottom for the correct answers.

How to make someone fall in love with you in 3 steps

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Forget being complimentary and tactile, winning someone's affections is a lot simpler than you may think. According to scientists, there's three very basic ways to lure someone - and they're psychologically proven. According to Business Insider, the following science-backed tips can help you lure the partner of your dreams and get them to fall - and stay - in love with you. According to scientists, there's three very basic ways to lure someone and ensure they're in love with you for the long-term According to a Harvard Business School study, nearly 80 per cent of people love to date a'revealer' - someone who confesses embarrassing tales. According to a University of Texas study, goofy jokes builds a shared identity.

Massive mystery sea creature washes up on Queensland beach

Daily Mail - Science & tech

An enormous fish has been found washed up on the shore on Tuesday at Moore Park Beach, located on the central Queensland coast north of Bundaberg. 'I've never seen a fish that big before, let alone one that big wash up on the beach,' said John Lindhom who, along with his wife Riley, found the creature while strolling along the shore. 'It would have to be 150kg - it was huge,' he told the Bundaberg News Mail. The fish showed no visible injuries and some have said it could be a groper or triple tail that reached it's use by date Mr Lindhom assumed the gigantic fish was a groper but other commenters on the Moore Park Beach Community Facebook page said it could be an unusually large triple tail. There were no visible signs of injury and, according Mr Lindhom, the fish may have just reached its use by date.

Spelling quiz will put your knowledge to the test with 20-questions

Daily Mail - Science & tech

This tricky spelling test has left internet users scratching their heads. The multiple choice quiz asks players to choose the correct spelling from two possible answers. Its creator, Terry Stein, who shared the quiz on Playbuzz, claims its so difficult that only those with an IQ of 149 or above will score full marks. If you think you have what it takes, scroll down to take the test. But the answers are at the bottom of the page - so no cheating...

Britain goes for a record 55 hours without coal power

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Britain went a record 55 hours without using electricity made with coal. Instead the nation was powered by electricity made from gas, wind, nuclear, solar, and biomass. The 55-hour, coal-free period ran from 10.25pm on Monday until 5.10am yesterday. The UK is trying to get rid of coal-fired generation by 2025 to protect the environment. Yorkshire power station Drax has been converting power stations to run on biomass, which is a type of wood chip, instead.