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Labour's Jon Ashworth calls for £500m NHS winter bailout

BBC News

Labour is calling on the government to spend an extra £500m on a winter bailout fund for the NHS in England. Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth said the cash was needed to increase capacity in struggling hospitals and pay for extra staff. He also said it was Labour's "ambition" to return NHS funding increases to the same level as during the 1997-2010 Labour governments. The Department for Health says it has "robust" plans in place for the winter. And it will pump "an extra £100m for [accident and emergency] departments and £2bn funding for the social care system" to get it through the cold season.

UK to spend £108m on no-deal ferries

BBC News

Over the last few months, additional ferry contracts were awarded to French, Dutch and British companies. The contingency plans allow for almost 4,000 more lorries a week to come and go from other ports, including Plymouth, Poole, and Portsmouth. Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable called the move "complete madness". "The government has the power to stop "no deal" at any time but instead is spending millions on last minute contracts," he said. "The fact that this money is predominantly going to European companies is nothing short of ironic, reducing Britain to a laughing stock on the global stage."

Ed Sheeran: Travel and ticket warning for Cardiff concerts

BBC News

Ed Sheeran fans have been told to plan ahead and arrive early for his record-breaking Cardiff concerts amid travel fears and heightened ticket scrutiny. The Grammy award winning superstar will become the first performer to play four successive nights at the Principality Stadium, starting on Thursday. No trains will run to London after any night while there is no Valley Line trains after Sunday's concert. Fans who bought tickets from re-sale sites will be offered genuine tickets. The Thinking Out Loud singer's team revoked tickets from known touts and cancelled tickets listed on re-sale sites.

Clients abandon Hyogo nursery after finding it secretly accepted too many children

The Japan Times

KOBE – A certified private nursery in Hyogo Prefecture has lost all its customers for fiscal 2017 after it was found to be secretly accepting children beyond its designated capacity. Due to the violation, the 46 children who were to be enrolled on April 1 have either been given admission to another facility or will be cared for at home. Wanzu Mazah Hoikuen in the city of Himeji had accepted an extra 22 children in beyond its approved capacity of 46 after signing direct contracts with the parents, a special inspection in February by the prefectural and municipal governments found. Following instructions issued by the city, the 22 extra children left the facility, city officials said. The nursery is currently looking after 46 children.

Best power banks of 2017: The top USB portable chargers for your phone


For those with a compatible device, make sure the battery pack is Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, or PD certified. Depending on your smartphone, this can make a big difference in performance. If you own a QC 2.0 device, however, ask yourself if paying extra for a QC 3.0 capable pack is worth it. Don't put 100 percent confidence in a company's claims of a pack being able to charge, say, a Galaxy S8 or iPhone X six times over. Battery capacity and efficiency varies based on a number of factors.