New Apple MacBook Pro: 10 things we learnt from trying the redesigned laptop

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Apple has launched its latest products in its headquarters in Cupertino, California. In the 24 hours since, I've been trying out the new MacBook Pro for size. First of all, I should point out that this is the entry-level MacBook Pro, not the more expensive MacBook Pro with TouchBar. TouchBar is the ground-breaking innovation where the top row of function keys is replaced with a long, touch-sensitive display strip. I tried this briefly and it's frankly pretty amazing.

Robot judges could soon be helping out with court cases


An artificial intelligence (AI) judge has accurately predicted most verdicts of the European Court of Human Rights, and might soon be making important decisions about cases. Scientists built an artificial intelligence computer that was able to look at legal evidence as well as considering ethical questions to decide how a case should be decided. And it predicted those with 79 per cent accuracy, according to its creators. The algorithm looked at data sets made up 584 cases relating to torture and degrading treatment, fair trials and privacy. The computer was able to look through that information and make its own decision – which lined up with those made by Europe's most senior judges in almost every case.

iPhone 8 might finally bring wireless charging that works, report claims

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Apple is trying to introduce wireless charging into the next iPhone, according to reports. Rumours have long swirled around the iPhone 8 – even before the iPhone 7 was released this year. Reports have suggested that Apple is planning a major redesign for the new handset, which will mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, which might include an entirely glass body and a screen that takes up all of the front of the phone. And new reports suggest that Apple is currently exploring the possibility of adding wireless charging modules to the next phone, too. That would mean that it would just need to be set down on a special surface to charge it – in keeping with Apple's commitment to keep moving towards a wireless future, which it stressed when it dropped the headphone jack from the iPhone.

Apple MacBook Pro completely redesigned to include new display in its keyboard

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Apple has revealed its completely redesigned MacBook Pro, the computer that it hopes can put an end to worries that about its future. The company unveiled the laptop as part of an event at its California headquarters. It also showed off a new TV app – but didn't update any of its desktop computers, as many had hoped, and showed off no new categories of products. The new computer is thinner, lighter and differently shaped from the old MacBook Pro. But the main change is the new screen that's built into the keyboard.

Apple's Philip Schiller talks computers, touchscreens and voice on the new MacBook Pro

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Last week, Apple launched its latest MacBook Pro laptops. They are deluxe, powerful machines with innovations including the Touch Bar, where the top row of function keys is replaced by a touch-sensitive screen where different functions appear, changing as you change programs. The new models also have a fingerprint sensor built into the power button, to buy stuff online faster than you can say "impulse purchase". In this exclusive interview, Philip Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, told The Independent all about them. Schiller is a familiar face at Apple keynotes, mixing a dry sense of humour with bullish, on-message statements.