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Digital Advertising and Artificial Intelligence: A Match Made in Heaven!


If you want your digital marketing strategy to be active and efficient, it is high time that you embark on a new paradigm driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the future, AI is going to play a vital role in digital marketing and advertising. If you are to stay ahead in the competition, you need to take the AI route for better customer experience, relevant content, and personalized approach in your digital marketing strategy. As we all know, artificial intelligence is about machines and their ability to learn, apply, and solve problems. Artificial intelligence in digital marketing has affected the approach to advertising through innovation and the correct application of the collected and analyzed data.

Why we care about AI in marketing


To engage customers in a personal way, at a very large scale, AI or machine learning is essential. Chatbots and intelligent assistants are already leading client interactions, and AI-generated content is around the corner. AI also enables the analysis and interpretation of data at a speed and volume beyond human capabilities. Algorithms are continuing to improve as well, accelerating optimization in near real-time. As AI improves, use-cases are only going to increase.

Artificial Intelligence And Its Use In Marketing


There is no doubt that today we have embarked on the path of technologies that will perform many tasks the accomplishment of which, for now, requires the human brain. Companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe are investing heavily in technologies that automate and anticipate business and domestic activities. At the head of the list of the most important users of artificial intelligence, we find unsurprisingly social networks, search engines, and SaaS. Far beyond targeted advertising, technology has enabled structures of all sizes to expand their customer base on an international scale. Changes in purchasing behavior and the multitude of contact channels have exploded the volume of data available to brands.

157 Artificial Intelligence Platforms to Help You Grow Your Business 60 Second Marketer @AskJamieTurner


The odds are pretty good that you're using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) more often than you realize. After all, every time you do a Google search (like the one that probably brought you here), you're using software that has Artificial Intelligence ingrained in its DNA.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Solutions to Level up Your Online Presence


The success of modern digital marketing today mainly rests on four key pillars: analytics, personalization, automation, and optimization. In the past, marketers had to depend on different tools for each of these pillars. However, that resulted in a landscape where small businesses were forced to pay expensive fees and feel completely helpless when trying to figure out what was actually working in their marketing. But what if you could use a single platform to handle everything? To align all these aspects of marketing, where your strategy is automatically implemented and tailored based on buyer behavior?