How Big Can A Solar-Powered Drone Be?


Put solar panels on a drone and it doesn't even need a battery. That's exactly what students made at the National University of Singapore. Without a battery, you could fly a drone like this as long as the sun keeps shining. It's awesome (assuming your motives are pure). But if you watch the video, you'll notice immediately that the drone is as thin as a sheet.

US Energy Sees Record-Breaking Wind And Solar Power Output

International Business Times

The U.S. has broken its own energy record: 10 percent of all electricity generated in the country in March came from wind and solar power, according to a recent report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The number is up from last year, in which wind and solar power generated an annual average of seven percent of the country's electricity, the report from Electric Power Monthly shows based upon March. Where and When Is Wind And Solar Power Generated? Wind patterns are different, depending on the location. States like Texas and Oklahoma and others in the region typically have the highest output in spring months.

Georgia Power Shoots for the Sun to Increase Solar Energy

U.S. News

Georgia Power is seeking contracts with them to provide solar power to customers at a fixed price for a period of five to 35 years.

The cutest solar farm ever is now live on the grid


Who knew clean energy could be this cute? China connected a panda-shaped solar power plant to the grid last week. The project was built by the aptly-named Panda Green Energy, and has an output of 50MW, enough to power more than 8,000 U.S. households, according to Inhabitat. It's located in Datong, a city in the province of Shanxi, northern China. Another panda is in the works on the site.

How to switch to solar power in your home and why now is the time โ€“ video

Guardian Energy

We are of course talking about solar energy โ€“ and in 2017, it's never been cheaper to invest in it for your home.