Mobile Create USA to Exhibit at @CloudExpo Silicon Valley #AI #IoT #M2M #SmartCities


SYS-CON Events announced today that Mobile Create USA will exhibit at the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Pavilion at SYS-CON's 21st International Cloud Expo, which will take place on Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2017, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. Mobile Create USA Inc. is an MVNO-based business model that uses portable communication devices and cellular-based infrastructure in the development, sales, operation and mobile communications systems incorporating GPS capability. JETRO and prefectures of Japan (Nagano, Shizuoka, Okayama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Oita) will present more than twenty cutting-edge technology companies for partnership opportunity with U.S. businesses. Cloud computing is now being embraced by a majority of enterprises of all sizes. Yesterday's debate about public vs. private has transformed into the reality of hybrid cloud: a recent survey shows that 74% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy.

Plans for Kyushu 'spamusement park' progress after crowd-funding campaign raises necessary funds

The Japan Times

OITA – A city in Kyushu that hosts one of the world's largest hot-spring resorts has said it will open an amusement park this summer with a hot-tub merry-go-round and other bathing-themed rides following the success of a promotional video launched in November. Beppu Mayor Yasuhiro Nagano pledged to open a "spamusement park" in a Youtube video uploaded late last year if the video got more than 1 million views. It surpassed 3.2 million as of Wednesday. The footage shows men and women of all ages wrapped in towels having fun at the prospective park. The city in Oita Prefecture has launched a crowd-funding campaign to pay for special rides at an existing amusement park for a limited period that will feature hot-spring water.

Hokuriku's sole whisky distillery gets face-lift via crowdfunding as it seeks to woo tourists

The Japan Times

TOYAMA – A sake brewery with over a century of history has turned to crowdsourcing to help revamp its whisky distillery -- the only one in the Hokuriku region near the Sea of Japan -- and show it to more tourists. Wakatsuru Shuzo in Tonami, Toyama Prefecture, has been raising money via crowdfunding and other sources to refurbish the dilapidated distillery, which has fallen on hard times since the company branched into whisky-making more than 60 years ago. "I'd like people to see where we make genuine whisky," said Takahiko Inagaki, the 29-year-old board director of the parent company and leader of the project. Inagaki, who worked for a computer company in Tokyo for three years after graduating from university, decided to return to the family business, originally founded in 1862, because he wanted to try to create something by hand. But the impetus for the plan was pure coincidence.

Have smartphone, will travel: How far can you get with just passport, wallet and phone?

The Independent - Tech

Sure, you know your mobile phone is essential, but exactly how much can you rely on it? A few days ago in Japan, Google threw down a gauntlet: how far can you get in a foreign country, where you can't be sure of finding an English speaker, where the words, even the alphabet, are unfamiliar, and where the address system is notoriously tricky? So there I was, in Tokyo, charged with solving a series of puzzles using a smartphone and nothing more. First, I had to get myself from bustling Tokyo (where English speakers are plentiful and, because they are Japanese, endlessly helpful) to the distant city of Kanazawa. I had a JR train pass, which is the best way to get around Japan for a foreigner and which offers fantastic value, though you must buy it before you arrive in the country.

Russian Twitter trolls are attacking Morgan Freeman, and is nothing sacred?


First the Russians came for our election and our social media platforms, and now they're coming for another beloved institution: Morgan Freeman. Russian Twitter -- maybe bots, maybe people, who knows the difference anymore -- has exploded in anger towards the famed actor, using the hashtag "#StopMorganLie" to show their disgust with Freeman. Indians remember democracy, Hiroshima and Nagasaki remember, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia. And are you proud of this democracy?#StopMorganLie Take a look at this, Mr. Freeman, and tell who is agressor?