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Briton clocks 182.4mph and smashes sand speed record TWICE in one day

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A British fitness entrepreneur has broken a long-standing speed record at Pendine sands on Saturday. Zef Eisenberg beat the'flying mile' record held by actor Idris Elba, who took the title in 2015 after it stood for 88 years when Sir Malcolm Campbell reached 174mph in his iconic aero-engined Blue Bird. Mr Eisenberg had already broken the sand speed record on a motorbike and has now added the flying mile record at 182mph (293km/h). A British fitness entrepreneur has broken a near-century long-standing speed record at Pendine sands on Saturday. But his attempts to top 200mph were thwarted after the engine on his Mad Max 400bhp supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa blew up.

Rotting 'alien-like' carcass washes up on Welsh beach

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A mystery sea creature was found washed up on a British beach - baffling experts as to what it may be. The five-ft long carcass of the alien-like creature was discovered washed up on sand by dog walker Beth Jannetta, 41. Ms Janetta snapped the mystery monster - which has a long head, giant jawline and slender tail - and passed on her pictures to experts. But marine boffins are unable to identify the creature - but say it could be a type of whale, dolphin, or porpoise. Ms Jannetta, who found the skeleton on Rhossili Beach, Gower, said: 'I was going for a run with my dogs when I came across it.

Steve Baxter: The month-long hunt for a fleeing killer

BBC News

After a month on the run from police, Steve Baxter was finally found living rough on a secluded stretch of beach less than two miles from the spot where he had stabbed his friend to death. The 52-year-old said he had evaded detection by living off seaweed and mussels, and sleeping in a tent and a cave, after Simon Clark, 54, was killed in the fight at a caravan site in Pendine, Carmarthenshire. The murder trial at Swansea Crown Court was told Baxter and Mr Clark had been neighbours at the site, where some residents engaged in an "alternative lifestyle". But when Mr Clark's body was found in the doorway of his caravan on 28 September, a widespread manhunt began with Baxter at the centre of it. Mr Clark had been stabbed in the chest during a violent struggle the night before.

'Fastest shed' reaches John O'Groats after six-day trip

BBC News

A shed on wheels has reached John O'Groats after a six-day trip to raise money for a hospice. The converted Volkswagen Passat left Land's End on Thursday last week and has been touring the country on its way to the Scottish coast. Owner Kevin Nicks, from Oxfordshire, transformed the car, dubbed the "world's fastest shed", in 2015. He said the vehicle was "faultless" on the trip and he had made many friends along the way. "It's a great way to meet people, you walk into a café and immediately everyone wants to talk to you," he said.

'World's fastest shed' travelling length of Britain

BBC News

A shed on wheels is being driven from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise money for a hospice. It is the latest challenge for the converted Volkswagen Passat, which has been dubbed the "world's fastest shed". It has managed a top speed of 99mph (159km/h) in tests, and owner Kevin Nicks will attempt to go faster at a track en route. Mr Nicks, from Oxfordshire, transformed the car, which is road legal, in 2015 using steel beams and timber. "I had a car sat there which was too good to scrap, so I came up with the idea," the 52-year-old gardener said.