India will ban driverless cars in order to protect jobs


As self-driving cars are being tested everywhere from the US to South Korea, Germany to Australia, reports today make it clear that it won't be happening in India. The country's transport and highways minister, Nitin Gadkari told reporters today, "We won't allow driverless cars in India. I am very clear on this." Rather, the minister's rejection of self-driving vehicles is about the jobs they would take away from drivers in the country. "We won't allow any technology that takes away jobs.

India won't allow driverless cars, says transport chief


Self-driving cars are a looming threat to to the human drivers that operate taxis around the world, but in one of the most populated countries, it could take a while before driverless cars start stealing jobs from humans. On Tuesday, India's transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari told reporters that the country's government would resist any new technology that threatened to take jobs away from its citizens, namely driverless cars. "We won't allow driverless cars in India," he said according to the Hindustan Times. "I am very clear on this. We won't allow any technology that takes away jobs.

If Driverless Tech Can Crack India, It'll Work Anywhere – TU Automotive


The governments of most countries around the world are willing, if not necessarily eager, to aid in the development of advanced-level assisted driving. Yet, India is not'most countries'. In mid-2017, the country's transportation minister Nitin Gadkari said bluntly that his government "will not allow driverless cars in India." Why? "We are not going to promote any technology or policy that will render people jobless." This categorically states the government's worry.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the automobile industry The Star


The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association recently hosted its annual Innovation Series conferences for auto dealers, managers, auto students, suppliers and marketing experts. A representative from Microsoft spoke about how artificial intelligence (AI) is affecting the auto industry and suggested it could be one of the world's most fundamental pieces of technology in the years ahead. I would agree with that assessment. Already AI has found many useful applications in automobiles, including driving features, cloud services, auto manufacturing and insurance, and driver monitoring. Vehicles today have on-board sensors that alert drivers to potentially dangerous situations.