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Volvo self-driving cars green-lit for tests on Swedish public roads Verdict


The Swedish Transport Agency Transportstyrelsen has given Volvo self-driving cars venture Zenuity approval to begin testing driverless cars on public roads. The cars will be tested at a maximum speed of 80km/hour (50mph) on three Swedish highways. Throughout all tests a trained driver will sit behind the wheel, although will keep their hands off it unless an intervention is required. Zenuity is a joint venture between car giant Volvo and Veoneer, a spin-off of vehicle safety company Autoliv specialising in autonomous driving software. The three roads that the self-driving cars will be tested on are the E4 between Stockholm and Malmö, the E6 between Gothenburg and Malmö and road 40 between Jönköping and Gothenburg.

Machine Learning with AWS SageMaker


This article is a summary of a talk I gave at the yearly Webstep's "Kompetensbio" event. Every year Webstep invites all developers to this free event that happens in some nice local cinema, where they can enjoy interesting tech-talks and watch some exciting movie. This year, for the first time, the event took place in three cities: Uppsala, Malmö and Stockholm. Ever since I was a child and to this day, I was a big Science-fiction fan. Growing up in a small town in former Eastern bloc country, was not really a lot of fun. Especially if you were smart and curious.

Microsoft takes community approach to artificial intelligence in Sweden


Microsoft is seeing wide adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Nordic region and developers are using its tools to integrate the technology with their applications. The software giant is eager to share its knowledge with customers and developers and encourages them to share with each other, too. Computer Weekly met Florian Otel, product marketing manager at Microsoft in Gothenburg, to discuss the democratisation of AI in the Nordic region and the important role played by developers. At the recent IP Expo Nordics event in Stockholm, Microsoft was keen to discuss the spread of AI. For its part, Microsoft provides AI to developer partners in the form of software development toolkits.

Police in Sweden probe gang rape reportedly aired on Facebook

FOX News

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Police in Sweden say three men have been arrested on suspicion of being part a group rape that was streamed live on a closed Facebook group. Police spokeswoman Lisa Sannervik says the investigation into "a serious sexual offense" was in "a preliminary phase" and she could not provide further details. No charges have been pressed. Sannervik said Tuesday a teenager and two men in their 20s were arrested Sunday in the city of Uppsala, north of Stockholm, after police received tips about the ongoing streaming and rape from users. Deputy Chief Prosecutor Magnus Berggren told Sweden's TV4 channel Monday investigators don't have "the footage showing the alleged assault," and urged anyone "with "access to this footage" to turn it over.

Machine learning prowess on display


More than 80 Amazon scientists and engineers will attend this year's International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) in Stockholm, Sweden, with 11 papers co-authored by Amazonians being presented. "ICML is one of the leading outlets for machine learning research," says Neil Lawrence, director of machine learning for Amazon's Supply Chain Optimization Technologies program. "It's a great opportunity to find out what other researchers have been up to and share some of our own learnings." At ICML, members of Lawrence's team will present a paper titled "Structured Variationally Auto-encoded Optimization," which describes a machine-learning approach to optimization, or choosing the values for variables in some process that maximize a particular outcome. The first author on the paper is Xiaoyu Lu, a graduate student at the University of Oxford who worked on the project as an intern at Amazon last summer, then returned in January to do some follow-up work.