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AAAI Conferences

The Integration of Planning into Scheduling with OMP / 1 Simone Fratini and Amedeo Cesta Heterogeneous Multirobot Coordination with Spatial and Temporal Constraints / 9 Mary Koes, Illah Nourbakhsh, and Katia Sycara Evaluating Plans through Restrictiveness and Resource Strength / 17 Federico Pecora and Amedeo Cesta Real Time Auction Based Allocation of Tasks for Multi-Robot Exploration Problem in Dynamic Environments / 27 Sanem Sariel and Tucker Balch Services Allocation Planner for Dynamic Reconfiguration / 34 Bogumil Zieba Towards Integrated Planning and Scheduling: Resource Abstraction in the Planning Graph / 42 Terry L. Zimmermann and Stephen F. Smith Temporal Contingency Planning / 49 Janae N. Foss and Nilufer Onder Calendar Scheduling with Action Items / 50 Jean Oh and Stephen F. Smith Dynamic Distributed Optimization for Planning and Scheduling / 52 Adrian Petcu Statement of Research Interest / 54 Ivan Serina