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Manchester attack: 'They were in tears, panicking'

BBC News

In the aftermath of Monday night's attack at Manchester Arena, many taxi drivers switched off their meters and helped people away from the scene. Mann Singh said he drove passengers for free.

World's biggest cruise line company hit by ransomware attack


The world's largest cruise operator Carnival has revealed that it suffered a ransomware attack and security breach that could affect customer and employee data. The company disclosed the information in a US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) 8-K filing (via ZDNet), saying that it occurred on last weekend on August 15th. "We expect that the security event included unauthorized access to personal data of guests and employees, which may result in potential claims," the form states. Carnival added that attackers "accessed and encrypted a portion of one brand's information technology systems," without providing further details like the type of ransomware. The company suffered a separate breach last year which also potentially involved stolen customer data. The massive cruise company owns a fleet of 600 ships with 150,000 employees and brands including Princess Cruises, Holland America, Costa Cruises and others.

The Trump Files: Donald Attacks a Reporter Who Questioned His Claim to Own the Empire State Building

Mother Jones

If there's one thing Donald Trump really doesn't like, it's being called out. British journalist Selina Scott found that out the hard way when she challenged his false claim that he wholly owned the Empire State Building. In 1995, Scott interviewed Trump for a British television documentary. Scott and her producer, Ted Brocklebank, used the song "It Ain't Necessarily So" in the background of the film to highlight how Trump's claims "'didn't stand up,'" Brocklebank told journalist Michael D'Antonio in his book The Truth About Trump. One of those claims occurred during a helicopter ride over Manhattan.

Czech Jailed for Blaming Train Attacks on Islamic Militants

U.S. News

Prague's regional court ruled Monday that 71-year-old Jaromir Balda cut down two trees in 2017 that fell on train tracks near the city of Mlada Boleslav, about 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of Prague. Two passenger trains later hit the trees.

LA authorities boost security after threatened rail attack

U.S. News

The threat of a terror attack against a busy commuter rail station in the Los Angeles area has prompted authorities to increase security throughout the region and urge commuters to report any suspicious behavior they see.