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Seven exoskeleton startups rising up in Europe Sifted


The view from France: "France is a paradise for tech startups: world class engineers, reasonable costs, engaged teams, inspiring environment. The scene here is bursting with activity, especially regarding healthcare, which is incredibly stimulating." "The market is tough, with users mostly risk-averse leading to slow adoption. Raising our Series A was most difficult. Once you have onboard professional investors, it's easier. "In five to ten years the cost will go down to the price of a small car.

Glove puppet?

BBC News

What one piece of technology would most improve your working life? Chances are it wouldn't be a glove. But car workers in Germany are now using smart gloves that not only save time but prevent accidents as well. It is an example of how tech-enhanced humans are fighting back against the seemingly unstoppable rise of the robots. At BMW's spare parts plant in Dingolfing, for example, which employs around 17,500 people, hand-held barcode readers have been replaced by gloves that scan objects when you put your thumb and forefinger together.

How L.A. Unified could reduce absenteeism, if it listens to outside advisors

Los Angeles Times

Two years ago, an independent policy group warned Los Angeles Unified School District officials that high levels of student absenteeism were eating away at the district's finances.

A Cure for Digital Addicts' 'Text Neck'? WSJD - Technology

The Ache: In the digital age, many people spend hours daily bent over computers, phones and tablets--our necks craned forward. Some scientists say this unnatural position can lead to pain, headaches and other symptoms, sometimes collectively called "text neck." The Claim: Technology itself comes to the rescue. An Android app called the Text Neck Indicator measures the angle of your phone and lets you know when you're holding it in a favorable viewing position. And a new wearable device, the Alex, monitors the angle of your neck and vibrates when your posture is poor.

Booting Up: LifeSpan's DT7 combines treadmill with electric desk

Boston Herald

In a miraculous turn of events, my lazy rump has walked the equivalent of eight Boston Marathons in the past month, all while typing away or being on the phone at my desk. When the folks at LifeSpan asked me to review their DT7 treadmill base and electric desk, I figured I'd probably develop a passionate loathing after a few days, much like the time I tried to become a regular at 5:30 a.m. The LifeSpan DT7 arrived in February, right as I was beginning a cliche New Year's resolution focus on wellness and diet. LifeSpan's spokesman suggested it would take me a good month to get used to. On my first day of use, I had reached my daily goal of 10,000 steps without feeling like I had put in much effort at all.