Shrinking Lake Chad to worsen hunger crisis in Africa

Al Jazeera

African leaders are gathering in the Nigerian capital to address the urgent needs of about 17 million people who depend on Lake Chad. The UN has warned that food insecurity and malnutrition have reached critical levels, as the lake continues to shrink.

AI's compute hunger outpaces Moore's law


Demand for compute to train artificial intelligence models has shot up enormously over the past six years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Not for profit research firm OpenAI - which is sponsored by Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, among others - published an analysis that showed the amount of compute used for the largest AI training runs has doubled every three-and-a-half months since 2012. This means compute amounts have grown by more than 300,000 times over the past six years, OpenAI said. In comparison, the well-known Moore's Law, which observed the number of transistors in an integrated circuit would double every year-and-a-half, would yield only a twelve-fold increase in performance over the same period. Part of the reason AI models still have enough compute is because of the use of massively parallel video cards or graphics processing units (GPUs) that can have thousands of cores per unit.

Israel says Palestinian hunger strike leader ate in secret

FOX News

RAMALLAH, West Bank – Israel's Prison Service released footage on Sunday that it says shows the leader of a mass Palestinian hunger strike breaking his fast, a claim dismissed by the Palestinians as an attempt to undermine the open-ended strike, now in its 21st day. Assaf Librati, a spokesman for the prison service, said strike organizer and Palestinian uprising leader Marwan Barghouti ate a candy bar on May 5 and cookies on April 27. He said surveillance was increased and Barghouti was caught on film eating. Footage aired by Israeli media shows a prisoner sitting down fully clothed on a toilet unwrapping something and putting it in his mouth. Other footage shows a prisoner eating something near a sink.

Dozens of detainees apparently join rare hunger strike at Tokyo immigration center

The Japan Times

Dozens of detainees at an immigration center were on a hunger strike Thursday to protest prolonged and multiple detentions, drawing fresh attention to Japan's policy toward immigration. Some of the hunger strikers were asylum seekers, and others had lived in Japan for decades as migrant workers, said Mitsuru Miyasako, head of the Provisional Release Association in Japan. More than 20 detainees launched a hunger strike at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau on Tuesday, with more than a dozen joining them on Thursday, one of the protesters and an activist said. Protests and hunger strikes are somewhat rare. Immigration, seen by some as a threat to security, is a controversial subject in a country where many take pride in cultural and ethnic homogeneity.

Palestinian PFLP prisoners on hunger strike in Israel

Al Jazeera

At least 65 Palestinian prisoners have declared an open-ended hunger strike in solidarity with activist Bilal Kayed, who was put on administrative detention last week after completing his over 14-year prison sentence. Sixty of the prisoners, all of whom are affiliated with the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), are being held at Megiddo prison in northern Israel. Five others in Gilboa prison are also participating in the strike. Israeli authorities have imposed a visitation ban on those taking part. Kayed was imprisoned when he was 19, and spent more than 14 years behind bars since 2001.