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Track 4: AI in Healthcare


Artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry is predicted to save $150 billion annually for the US. As such, AI is being rapidly deployed in many areas of the healthcare landscape. This event will primarily focus on the Providers, attracting CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, VPs of IT and Informatics along with senior Physicians and Clinicians from leading US hospitals who will assess the business value outcomes of AI and share experiences of implementation in clinical care and hospital operations. Demand for basic and advanced analytics is growing exponentially in healthcare. Building a robust data ecosystem to support the spectrum of analytics, from descriptive analytics to support efficient operations to advanced ML / AI analytics to drive differentiated outcomes is a critical enabler for provider systems.

Sr. Deep Learning Engineer Jazz Organic Closed Job ZipRecruiter


At Bossa Nova we create service robots for the global retail industry. Our robots' mission is to make stores run efficiently by automating the collection and analysis of on-shelves inventory data in large scale stores. Navigating smoothly along the aisles, we circulate autonomously among busy customers and employees. If we were a self- driving car we'd be operating at level 5 autonomy. Yep, it is possible to move, scan and analyze all at the same time.

Cracking the Code on Adversarial Machine Learning


The vulnerabilities of machine learning models open the door for deceit, giving malicious operators the opportunity to interfere with the calculations or decision making of machine learning systems. Scientists at the Army Research Laboratory, specializing in adversarial machine learning, are working to strengthen defenses and advance this aspect of artificial intelligence. Often, in a data set, corrupted inputs or an adversarial attack enters a machine learning model undetected. Adversaries also impact a model whether or not they know the machine learning algorithm in use, training a substitute machine learning model for use on a "victim" model. Corruption can even occur on sophisticated machine learning models trained with an abundance of data to perform critical tasks.

What is Data Science? A Complete Data Science Tutorial for Beginners - DataFlair


Data Science has become one of the most demanded jobs of the 21st century. It has become a buzzword that almost everyone talks about these days. But what is Data Science? In this article, we will demystify Data Science, the role of a Data Scientist and have a look at the tools required to master Data Science. So, let's start Data Science Tutorial. "Data Science is about extraction, preparation, analysis, visualization, and maintenance of information.