Technology Is Disrupting Crime -- Are You Ready?

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Last year England and Wales made the forward-thinking move of including cyber crime into their crime figures. The inclusion of an estimated illion online fraud incidents and 2.5 million cyber crime offenses for the first time provided a different vantage point on 21st century crime. These figures illustrate that although the traditional types of villainy are falling when combining with cyber crime offenses, the measurement shows a dramatic overall increase in crime.

500 new cyber threats emerge every minute


Eight new cyber threats were discovered every second at the end of 2017, almost twice the rate of the previous quarter, according to new figures. An average of almost 500 new threats were discovered every minute in Q4 last year, McAfee Labs' quarterly Threats Report revealed yesterday, with huge spikes in cryptocurrency attacks, Mac malware and attacks against healthcare. "Our research reveals a 211% surge in disclosed security incidents against the healthcare industry last quarter," said Nigel Hawthorn, McAfee's data privacy expert for cloud security. "Healthcare organisations are a valuable target for cybercriminals who have set aside ethics in favour of profits, as they hold some very valuable personal data. Many incidents were caused by organisational failure to comply with security best practice or address known vulnerabilities in medical software."

SEC steps up efforts to fight cyber crime


The US Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday announced it's stepping up its efforts to combat cyber crime against investors and the securities industry. The agency is creating a new Cyber Unit, which will focus on problems like "misconduct" on the dark web, hacks aimed at stealing nonpublic information, intrusions into retail brokerage accounts, market manipulation schemes involving "false information spread through electronic and social media," cyber threats to market infrastructure like trading platform, and fraud involving initial coin offerings. The SEC said the new unit has been "in the planning stages for months" and complements its efforts to create an internal cybersecurity risk profile and improve internal information sharing and risk monitoring. The stepped up efforts come soon after the massive Equifax breach that has impacted millions of consumers. And just days ago, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton admitted that his own agency suffered a cybersecurity breach last year that may have given hackers access to market-influencing insider information.

5 Things Your CEO Should Know About Cybersecurity


I'm pretty sure by now that executives in organizations – especially organizations with some sensitive data to secure – are paying at least some cursory attention to cyber security and cyber crime. If not, then they need a wake up call and then a swift call to action in order to ensure that they don't lose grounds and future lawsuits over a cyber attack that could have possibly been avoided or at least mitigated. Consider these five things that your CEO should know about cyber crime and cyber security and make them happen sooner rather than later... You can grow security from within. You don't have to pay someone a million dollars to oversee your cyber security.

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