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Brussels Terror Attack Victims: What We Know So Far About Those Killed And Injured In Airport, Subway Bombings

International Business Times

A U.S. service member and his family were injured in the Brussels attacks, a U.S. military spokesperson said in an Associated Press report. The U.S. European Command said it is continuing to confirm the safety of U.S. military personnel and families in the region, including those who might be there on vacation or official travel. Information is slowly emerging about the victims of the explosions that tore through Brussels Tuesday morning. At least 31 people were killed and dozens more wounded in two blasts, which were said to be suicide bombs, at the Brussels airport and a local metro station. Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the seat of the European Union government, and the alleged plotter of the November Paris terror attacks was caught in a Brussels neighborhood just last week.

VIDEO: Brussels metro struck in terrorist attack

BBC News

At least 31 people have been killed and many seriously injured in attacks at Brussels international airport and a city metro station. The first attack occurred at Zaventem airport at 07:00 GMT, with twin blasts tearing through the departures area. Another explosion struck Maelbeek metro station an hour later, as Christian Fraser reports.

Expect to see more police at LAX after terrorist attacks in Brussels

Los Angeles Times

Security at Los Angeles International Airport will be more prominent Tuesday following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, officials said Tuesday. Though there are no specific threats against the airport, police will make their presence known more than usual, said Airport Police Officer Alicia Hernandez. "We take attacks on aviation very seriously and make constant adjustments to our deployment strategies," she said. "As a precaution, we have increased the visibility of airport police officers at LAX." The change will not affect airport operations at the country's second busiest airport, she said.

Belgian Prosecutors Consider Brussels Station Explosion as Terrorist Attack

U.S. News

"At about 8.30 p.m. there was an explosion in the central station, relatively small in size. The suspected perpetrator was neutralized by the soldiers present. We cannot confirm if the man is still alive or dead. There were no further victims. We are considering this as a terrorist attack," he said.

RAIDS RUSHED ATTACKS Brussels terrorists planned second Paris atrocity

FOX News

The terror group that carried out the March suicide bombings at an airport and subway station in Brussels originally planned to launch a second attack on France, Belgium's Federal Prosecution Office said Saturday. The office said in a statement that the terrorists were "surprised by the speed of the progress in the ongoing investigation" and decided to rush an attack on Brussels instead. Two suicide bombers killed 16 people at a Brussels Airport on March 22. A subsequent explosion at Maelbeek subway station killed another 16 people the same morning. Investigators have found intimate links between the cell behind the Brussels attacks and the group that killed 130 people in Paris on Nov. 13.