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About This Game BACKGROUND STORY Life as we know doens't exist, hordes of undead and demons have emerged and now rule the earth. The human race was forced to live in underground shelters in order to survive. To take what used to be theirs, humanity gathered forces and established small specialised teams to eliminate the threat. This action was called Project Rest in Pieces, aka R.I.P . Killing the undying would not be enough, instead humanity developed an extremely advanced AI technology to manipulate specialized forces, now called "Agents", in order to command from headquarters.

Fighting a zombie horde would not work, say mathematicians

Daily Mail - Science & tech

In the event of a brain-eating zombie apocalypse, your every action could determine your fate. A study may have the answer. They found that fighting or hiding from the shambolic hordes would ultimately prove futile, leading to the total extinction of humanity. Instead, they argue, the only solution would be to neutralise -- or'tame' -- individual zombies in such a way that they cannot spread the infection. Scientists use the same models and approach to study real-world infections, where hard-to-cure diseases are best fought with vaccinations to halt their spread.

Vampyr review – anaemically scripted undead prowl

The Guardian

Vampyr concerns itself with the line that separates humanity from monstrosity – but finds that line difficult to trace. Playing as Doctor Jonathan Reid – a blood specialist turned into a vampire (oh, the irony!) – you prowl London during the 1918 outbreak of Spanish influenza in search of the creature that sired you. Through this setup, Vampyr aims to explore the conflict between Reid's desire to save lives and his newly acquired bloodlust – a little like the TV show Dexter, only with sharper teeth and bowler hats. Split into four districts, the smoggy sprawl of London is home to a multitude of characters, each trying to survive amid the pandemic. But even more sinister forces threaten the city (if you guessed "vampires", then a big toothy kiss for you) and the best chance Reid has of defeating them is to fully realise his vampiric potential by feasting upon those he has sworn an oath to aid.

'iZombie' Season 3 Spoilers: Rose McIver-Led Series Is Introducing A Hangout For The Undead! Will Liv Make A Visit? [SPOILERS]

International Business Times

"iZombie" is introducing an exclusive bar for the undead in Season 3. Executive producer Rob Thomas revealed to Entertainment Weekly that someone will take advantage of the growing population of zombies in Seattle by opening a club where they can socialize with each other. "The number of zombies in Seattle is going up at an alarming rate, and it's high time someone capitalized on the undead's desire to socialize with their own kind," Thomas said before revealing the name of the new establishment. "We originally named the establishment Coldcock's, but apparently that's the name of a brand of booze, so we settled on our second choice, The Scratching Post," he said. "It's a speakeasy where one needs to be able to eat a ghost pepper without flinching to be allowed in, but once inside, brains and hot sauces from around the world are available for the discriminating zombie." Click here to see a concept art of the establishment.

What Game of Thrones can teach us about AI - Raconteur


If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you may be wondering why the Night King turned on the Children of the Forest. Wasn't he created by them for their protection and betterment? Did he at some point gain autonomy with a seemingly angry consciousness? Nevertheless, it remains that the Children of the Forest lost control over what they created, yielding a superior autonomous force that ultimately led to their extinction. This ominous tale may sound familiar to those in the emerging tech industry.