Intel's new computer can serve as the brains of robots


A compact computer called Euclid from Intel should make the development of robots much easier. Euclid looks much like the Kinect camera for Xbox consoles, but it's a self-contained PC that can be the guts of a robot. It's possible to install the Euclid computer where the "eyes" of a human-like robot would be typically placed. Intel demonstrated the Euclid computer in a robot moving on stage during CEO Brian Krzanich's keynote at the Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday. Euclid has a 3D RealSense camera that can serve as the eyes in a robot, capturing images in real-time.

Who Is Luke O Stewart? Man Fatally Shot By Euclid Police Officer Inside Vehicle

International Business Times

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office released the identity of Luke O. Stewart, a 23-year-old Ohio man who was fatally shot Monday morning by a Euclid police officer. In a news release, police said the officers investigated a report about a suspicious automobile. That's when they found Stewart, who apparently tried to run over them with his vehicle. An officer opened fire and the victim "subsequently died," the Euclid Police Department said on its Facebook page. A neighbor reportedly heard several gunshots, according to WJW.

Last living player from Indians' 1948 title team at Game 6

U.S. News

"That's when the party started," said Robinson, who batted .300 in that Series. "There was champagne dripping from the ceiling. And when we arrived here the next morning, they had a parade arranged, and from the train station we went to Euclid Avenue and every player got in a convertible and we went down Euclid and it was marvelous. It looked like everyone in Cleveland had turned out."

New details emerge about Intel's super-small Euclid computer for robots


Intel is getting proficient at developing small computers. First, came its Compute Sticks and then its credit-card-shaped Compute Cards. But nothing's quite like the mysterious Euclid, which is a self-contained computer the size of a thumb designed to be the brains and eyes of a robot. More details have emerged about the computer, which was announced in August and has yet to be released. The Euclid is so small and light that's possible to hold like a pen.

Clearpath Modernizes TurtleBot With Intel Euclid and iRobot Create

IEEE Spectrum Robotics

Today, Clearpath Robotics (in partnership with Intel and iRobot) is announcing the newest member of the TurtleBot family: the TurtleBot Euclid. The TB Euclid, which should probably not be abbreviated as TBe, features an iRobot Create 2 mobile base along with a shiny new Intel Euclid sensing and computing module. It's designed to be both easier to use and cheaper than the original Turtlebot 2, and makes us more certain than ever that yes, TurtleBots are taking over the world. It's no secret that we love TurtleBots. We love big TurtleBots, and we love little Turtlebots, but we especially love TurtleBots that are brand new, and that makes TurtleBot Euclid our absolute favorite right now.