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E-Commerce Chatbots -- Why You Need Them for Your Online Store


Customer experience and Sales are two inseparable entities of an eCommerce business. In the world of ever-evolving technology, customers are becoming more demanding and want solutions within seconds. This is definitely not feasible with a traditional eCommerce environment. The main challenges faced by an eCommerce platform are building a sizable customer base, gaining their trust and retaining them. It is next to impossible to provide the manpower required for an efficient round-the-clock customer service.

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As an ecommerce store owner or operator, do you spend a great deal of time answering basic queries? Such as were can a customer find a product, or questions about shipping and delivery. Would it not be nice to have software to answer these questions for you? Chatbots for ecommerce can help you with this and many more problems. Across many sectors, chatbots have been instrumental in attracting and retaining customers.

eCommerce Trends for 2018


In recent times, we have seen figures showing that the number of searches from a mobile phone, for the first time, have overtaken those from a desktop device. This trend has been reflected in the way people shop online as we use our smartphones more than ever before. In the US, for example, 19% of all eCommerce sales come from a smartphone and by the end of 2017, this figure is predicted to rise to 27%. This means new and evolving challenges for retailers. Desktop still outperforms mobile in terms of sales conversion, showing that people often do the research from their smartphone, but when it comes to making the purchase they wait until they are at home in front of a computer.

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Having an eCommerce platform for your business means competing with the giant online retailers in the marketplace. While you may not have their resources, you can use similar technologies to make your company efficient and highly visible in a very crowded playing field. And the way to do it is by using artificial intelligence or AI -- delivered through the cloud. The great thing about AI is it has become integral in the way many businesses operate and the way consumers interact with digital touch points. And according to HubSpot, 63 percent of customers don't even know they have been using AI technologies.

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We all have probably come across chatbots before, even if you haven't been aware of them. Chatbots are simply automated programs that can perform repetitive and mundane work at a much faster rate than a human. Chatbots are actually the programs pretending to be humans that we can interact with through text or voice input. Basically, we can talk to these chatbots in your messaging apps, much like we would with any other contact in the list, to get the day's news updates or even to get something done. The recent deluge of interest in chatbots has been prompted by the announcement at Facebook F8 developer conference that tools will be made available for developers to create bots inside Facebook Messengers.