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2FA bypass discovered in web hosting software cPanel


Security researchers have discovered a major security flaw in cPanel, a popular software suite used by web hosting companies to manage websites for their customers. The technology world has spent so much of the past two decades focused on innovation that security has often been an afterthought. Learn how and why it is finally changing. The bug, discovered by security researchers from Digital Defense, allows attackers to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) for cPanel accounts. These accounts are used by website owners to access and manage their websites and underlying server settings.

Best VPS hosting providers of 2019


Standard shared web hosting packages are cheap and user-friendly, but they're also slow, inflexible, and don't have the power or functionality that professional and business users often need. If you need more than a basic host but can't afford a dedicated server or don't want to deal with the complexity of these beasts, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting could be a smart choice. Buying a VPS plan means that you get your very own virtual server environment. You have full control over the operating system, the extensions and apps you install, and all their settings. Each physical server will still host multiple VPS customers, but not as many as with shared hosting, and typically each VPS will be allocated a share of key resources – RAM, storage space, CPU cores – for their use alone.

DreamHost review: I'm a satisfied 15-year customer


I've been running websites on DreamHost for over 15 years, using a variety of their plans. They haven't stood still like the internet, now offering a competitive range of products and services for individuals, small businesses, and enterprises. Because when you check out different eval sites, the numbers are all over the place. So I'll review DreamHost, covering feeds and speeds, and at the end, I'll give my take on who should give DreamHost serious consideration. Hosting companies don't make it easy to compare plans.

InMotion Hosting review: Well-equipped web hosting


If you're looking for a web hosting provider, you have a tremendous number of choices. In my The best web hosting providers article, I looked at 15 providers who offer a wide range of plans. To get a better feel for each individual provider, I set up the most basic account possible and performed a series of tests. In this article, we're going to dive into InMotion Hosting's offerings. Stay tuned for in-depth looks at other providers in future articles. Because there's such variability among plans and offerings among hosting providers, it's hard to get a good comparison. I've found that one of the best ways to see how a provider performs is to look at the least expensive plan they offer. You can expect the least quality, the least attention to detail, and the least performance from such a plan.

cPanel User Guide and Tutorial PDF


If you have web hosting requirements beyond the most basic, you should look for a host that offers cPanel. But once you've got a website with cPanel support, how do you go about using it? While the documentation included with cPanel may provide a quick reference, to really get the most from it you need a more detailed, systematic tutorial. Read this book to find out exactly how to get the most from cPanel in all aspects of your web site management: web, email, FTP, security, domains, backups, and more.