This is why you shouldn't bite an iPhone battery


So today we have a little bit of advice for you -- don't bite your iPhone battery. One man found this out the hard way, Appleinsider reports, causing a minor explosion at an electronics store in China.

Does your iPhone need a new battery? Get it done now before the price goes up


Want to give your old iPhone the gift of a new battery for the low price of $29? Following the iOS battery throttling "scandal," Apple introduced a $29 battery replacement program. But this low-cost offer comes to an end at the end of the year. Must read: iOS 12.1: Tips and tricks to help you get the most from your iPhone or iPad This offer applies to the iPhone 6 and newer (to iPhone X), and doesn't require that your battery be degraded below the 80 percent capacity, a threshold that Apple normally uses to determine if a battery is worn. To take up this offer, head over to

Apple's year of cheap battery upgrades resulted in 11 million repairs


In a recent all-hands meeting, Tim Cook reportedly revealed that Apple replaced 11 million iPhone batteries in 2018, up from its normal 1-2 million tally. The spike was a result of Apple's price cut to its battery replacement program as part of the fallout from its iPhone throttling debacle. And it seems that trend hit Apple where it hurts: iPhone sales. The millions of extra customers who took advantage of the $29 replacement offer -- which was available throughout 2018 -- may have been happy to hold on to their iPhone instead of upgrading. With the swap reducing the impact of throttling on older models, iPhone users suddenly found that CPU performance was better, meaning an older device was faster and longer lasting.

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January second is like a mega-Monday. Most of us are coming off a longer weekend than usual and it's tricky to get back into the swing of things. If you want to procrastinate at work, be sure to check out our wrap-up of last year in tech, then scroll down for all the tech stories you probably missed last week while you were out spreading cheer.

iPhone XR teardowns take a peek at its XL battery


Now that Apple's iPhone XR is officially available, the usual cast of characters are waiting to tear the device apart and see what's inside. The first teardown video came courtesy of the Germans over at, while iFixit is also busy with its own look inside that includes a few shots take via X-ray. Either way you look at it, the iPhone XR, once pulled apart, shows its status as a device straddling generations. It has hints of the iPhone X, with a rectangular logic board, but also an iPhone 8-style rectangular battery. Since it's also driving a lower-res 6.1-inch LCD screen than the OLED-equipped XS phones, we'd expect the excellent battery life seen in our review to hold up.