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Can a robot mend a lonely heart?


That's not much of a surprise, since the online message board is all about the ins and outs of erotic dolls, as in the kind men have sex with. Some regulars use the site to trade tips on gel butt implants. Others complain about the pubic hair of one doll or the breasts of another. Nukeno, however, uses it to tell the crowd what makes him happy: Nele and Kiko, his two dolls. "Perhaps I have been alone for too long," writes the self-described 34-year-old from Germany.

How erotic fanfiction lets women explore their sexuality without shame


Welcome to No Shame November! This week we're diving into the pop culture we love that society tells us we shouldn't. Masturbating to horny fanfiction makes the world a better place. Now, before your eyebrows fly right off your face (looking at you, literary snobs), hear me out. "Smutty" or erotic fanfiction is almost always talked about in tones of either horror or mockery.

Sex comes before emotional bonding in modern relationships

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Sex in relationships comes before a couple have formed a deep emotional connection, according to new research. The new findings suggest that sexual desire plays a major role in people's capacity to form an emotional bond with a potential partner. Psychologists, from the University of Rochester in New York and the IDC Herzliya in Israel, said that this physical intimacy could bring them closer together. They also say that gender plays no part in trying to form an emotional connection as both men and women try to connect with potential partners when sexually aroused. Sex in relationships comes before a couple have formed a deep emotional connection, according to new research.

This hackathon wants to help destigmatize the sex tech industry


In a pitch presentation that capped off hours of collaboration at New York's first SexTech Hackathon, the subject turned to a decidedly unsexy scenario: Parents talking to their kids about sex. "How can we foster a safe environment at home for children having conversations about sexual education with their parents?" Better communication would emerge as a theme as hopeful entrepreneurs -- many of them new to sex tech -- considered how tech can be used to enrich human sexuality. Participants get to know one another before breaking into teams. For six hours on Jun 10 at New York's ThoughtWorks, participants with a range of backgrounds -- from coding to design to sex therapy -- worked in teams to imagine products that fall under the vast umbrella of sex tech.

It's okay if 'Shape of Water' made you horny


Warning: This post is swimming in sexy spoilers. A fish-sex movie won big at the Oscars, and the bright spotlight seems to have heightened discomfort around the erotic interspecies romance at the center of The Shape of Water. From film critics to Twitter, people appear most conflicted over what is arguably the film's true climax: the sex scene between its mute female protagonist and a fish-man god. Because, like Elisa, the mute maid working in a secret government facility played by Sally Hawkins, some left the theater sincerely wanting to fuck that fish-man monster. The abundance of monster romances throughout history have tended to resonate most with marginalized people, including women, immigrants, LGBTQ people, people of color, and people with disabilities.