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T3 – @Entelo Launches Envoy prior to #HRTechConf


This week on T3 I review the newest addition to Entelo, Envoy. Entelo's recruiting platform enables top talent professionals to find, qualify, and engage with in-demand talent. So, basically, Entelo was one of the first passive candidate aggregators that allows you to search for passive candidates. Since they launched six years ago they've continued to add in functionality and features, including products to assist your organization in diversity recruiting, help you search your own ATS database better, and engage in outbound recruiting campaigns. Yesterday, they've announced their most advanced product to date, Envoy.

2020 candidates overlooking Nevada as Sen. Reid calls it 'gateway to the west'

FOX News

Although Nevada falls in third behind Iowa and New Hampshire in the national voting pecking order, the state represents the first chance for candidates to reach a diverse voter base that could prove to be an important bellwether in determining voter trends. That's what differentiates Nevada from Iowa and New Hampshire, and why former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., believes it's crucial for any presidential candidate hoping to reach the White House to campaign in the Silver State. "The reason I've indicated that it is so important that people come here -- there's no diversity in Iowa and New Hampshire. Here we've got what's like the most of the rest of America," Reid told Fox News. "Candidates must realize that Nevada is a diverse state. Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) talks about the significant role Nevada plays in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Many say that although Iowa has long been seen as the first litmus test for presidential candidates ever since Jimmy Carter was able to use it as a springboard that ultimately led him to the presidency in 1977 – it doesn't represent the microcosm of diversity that is the United States. EX-UKRAINE ENVOY KURT VOLKER TOLD LAWMAKERS HE WAS WORRIED ABOUT FORMER PROSECUTOR'S RELIABILITY, SOURCES SAY Iowa's population is 85 percent white and New Hampshire is 90 percent, while Nevada is a minority-majority state, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Although Nevada falls in third behind Iowa and New Hampshire in the national voting pecking order, the state represents the first chance for candidates to reach a diverse voter base that could prove to be an important bellwether in determining voter trends. But the 2020 candidates don't seem to be paying much attention to the state. Top tier Democratic candidates, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., have only spent a handful of days in Nevada, compared to dozens in the other two early voting states. According to Fox News data, Sen. Sanders has spent 10 days in Nevada, the most among the top three polling candidates, compared to 27 days in Iowa. Warren has spent nine days in Nevada, with Biden only visiting five times. While it's a critical state, Nevada poses a challenge for candidates. I'd like to see them more, but I mean you have to understand that it's much easier to go to Iowa, much easier go to New Hampshire," Reid told Fox News, adding that most of the candidates are from the East which makes it more difficult to get out to Nevada.

Hired announces official launch in Australia, its 'fastest growing market'


After nine months operating in stealth mode in Australia, recruiting marketplace Hired has come out of the shadows for a full local launch. Hired's presence in Australia coincides with the government's increasing emphasis on driving "jobs and growth". The Australian government's National Innovation and Science Agenda, unveiled in April this year, is an attempt to move Australia into a new economic era. The Turnbull government said that its AU$1.1 billion package, spread over four years, will "incentivise, energise, dynamise" a newer range of Australian industries, while nurturing a new generation of science and innovation talent. According to data from Digital Pulse, about 3,600 students completed an IT degree in 2014, half the number from 10 years earlier.

Ensemble of MRR and NDCG models for Visual Dialog Artificial Intelligence

Assessing an AI agent that can converse in human language and understand visual content is challenging. Generation metrics, such as BLEU scores favor correct syntax over semantics. Hence a discriminative approach is often used, where an agent ranks a set of candidate options. The mean reciprocal rank (MRR) metric evaluates the model performance by taking into account the rank of a single human-derived answer. This approach, however, raises a new challenge: the ambiguity and synonymy of answers, for instance, semantic equivalence (e.g., `yeah' and `yes'). To address this, the normalized discounted cumulative gain (NDCG) metric has been used to capture the relevance of all the correct answers via dense annotations. However, the NDCG metric favors the usually applicable uncertain answers such as `I don't know. Crafting a model that excels on both MRR and NDCG metrics is challenging. Ideally, an AI agent should answer a human-like reply and validate the correctness of any answer. To address this issue, we describe a two-step non-parametric ranking approach that can merge strong MRR and NDCG models. Using our approach, we manage to keep most MRR state-of-the-art performance (70.41% vs. 71.24%) and the NDCG state-of-the-art performance (72.16% vs. 75.35%). Moreover, our approach won the recent Visual Dialog 2020 challenge. Source code is available at

AI for Recruiting: Everything you Need to Know


Artificial Intelligence is aimed at simplifying and automating an array of business processes. Recently, AI made its entrance in the field of recruiting and instantly got close attention. The thing is the use of AI for recruiting resulted in significant benefits for both the companies and the candidates. But, as with any other technology, there are certain hidden rocks to keep in mind when implementing AI in your processes. So what exactly does it do and what kind of benefits it may bring?