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The Future of AI for Sales (And How to Prepare for It)


Companies that prepare for and embrace the changes AI brings will thrive. Sales is traditionally a people-to-people business, but technologies like artificial intelligence are making expert sellers rethink the balance between human and machine. In fact, automation is already impacting sales, and its influence will only continue to grow. Leaders looking for ways to transform their bottom line should look to artificial intelligence to provide solutions. The good news is that you can begin to plan for those changes now. So, what does the short-term future of AI for sales look like, and how can you begin using AI to beat the competition? Sales has, generally speaking, been slow to adopt AI and automation.

Start your life coaching journey with this 12-hour training package


TL;DR: The Become a Life Coach Training Bundle -- worth $995 -- is on sale for just $29.99 as of April 3. That's savings of 96%. If you have a calling to help others, why not give life coaching a shot? Not only is it a way you can bring about positive change in others, but along the way, you could become a better version of you, too. Like every new adventure, it starts by taking a single step -- like signing up for an online training course (or five). The Become a Life Coach Training Bundle packs 12 hours of content on guided life coaching, self-reflection, goal setting, coaching tools, and more in five courses.

How was my pitch, Jenny? Zoom's venture fund invests in conversational AI platform


Second Nature's sale coaching platform analyzes a simulated client conversation and identifies strengths and weaknesses of a salesperson's pitch. This is the dashboard a trainee sees after completing a simulation. Another assistant just got a significant chunk of money to make her name just as familiar. Jenny is a virtual assistant who specializes in training salespeople. Second Nature, the company that created this conversational robot, announced a $12.5 million round of investment Wednesday, Jan. 11 to build out the conversational artificial intelligence service.

Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Sales In Surprising Ways


According to McKinsey Global Institute, 40% of time spent on sales-related activities can be automated by adapting current technologies with AI. By embedding AI into CRM databases, salesforce automation software, help desk solutions, and other B2B apps, a lot of the crippling rote tasks still performed by salespeople can be eliminated. Thanks to AI, salespeople can be liberated from boring and monotonous tasks. The effects are far-reaching and include decreased cognitive load, increased job satisfaction, and stronger overall rapport and relationships across the sales organization.

Why loud-mouthed employees are good for your business


This article is part of DBA, a series on Mashable about running a business that features insights from leaders in entrepreneurship, venture capital and management. Like it or not, your employees are speaking out on your behalf. In fact, according to a recent report by Weber Shandwick, 33% of employees worldwide admitted to sharing praise or positive comments about their employers on social media without any sort of prompt. Of course, the mere thought of a rogue tweet about your brand, even if well-intended, may make your hair stand on end. But fear not, for loud-mouthed employees are proving to be particularly beneficial to the bottom line.