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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Tide Over Education Crisis - DZone AI


Artificial intelligence technology in education is no more the future, it is the present. We are already witnessing the impact of technology in the education sector. Increased uses of digital devices, adaptive learning platforms, and engaging lessons have transformed the learning as well as teaching processes. With the help of artificial intelligence technology, the educators today are working on creating activities that can not only ignite the curiosities among the students, but can make their learning experience a memorable one. Although AI can never replace the human teachers, it has successfully given a whole new meaning to the roles and responsibilities of a teacher.

AI accelerates in K12


Until recently, the quality of classroom instruction relied almost entirely on a teacher's resourcefulness, motivation and intelligence. Soon, it will also depend on artificial intelligence--with lessons based more on what students need to learn than on traditional methods of instruction.

How is AI Transforming the Education Tech Space? - ReadWrite


Education has transformed into big-business in the recent COVID times. The literacy rate has increased up to 86% in the US. Primary, secondary and higher studies are seeing great improvements, and breaking records almost every year. Here is how AI is transforming the education tech space. Some people are of the belief that there is nothing like classroom teaching.

Five Reasons Why Traditional Classrooms Can No Longer Keep Up with Growing Technology Today


It might have been long coming, but one fact is becoming quite clear. Traditional classrooms can no longer keep up with growing technology today. For example, one factor contributing to this trend is the fast-paced development of educational games for kids and online educational games for kids. Still, many teaching concepts cling to traditional schooling. The opponents of the change point to the possibility that technology in the classroom could promote cheating.

How AI will disrupt the classroom


K-12 educators are deep in the midst of rethinking the design of the classroom and the responsibilities of the teacher within it. The internet brought a rush of new educational resources and technologies, like high-quality, free instructional videos from Khan Academy (which has 2.9 million YouTube subscribers) and crowdsourced lesson plans from nonprofit websites like ReadWriteThink and Deciding on the best way to integrate these resources into schools has become another factor in the perpetual discussion about how to improve American public school education. As these new technologies made their way into schools, the phrase "blended learning" was coined to describe education environments where the traditional teacher-led classroom is augmented by digital media and online resources. As schools reconfigure their classrooms around blended learning, the role of the teacher is transitioning from "the sage on the stage" to the "guide on the side."