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Gordon Brown: Rogue bankers should be jailed

BBC News

Dishonest bankers should face jail for taking risks with taxpayers' money, ex-prime minister Gordon Brown says. In his memoir, Mr Brown said failing to put fraudsters in prison would "give a green light" to the sort of behaviour that led to the financial crash. He also said "little has changed" since the crash, which came during his time in Number 10. The year 2009 "has proved to be the turning point at which history failed to turn", he said. Mr Brown was Labour prime minister during the worst financial crisis since the great depression of the 1930s, and in October 2008 his government unveiled a £400bn package aimed at rescuing the UK's banking system.

'They wanted to jail a banker - I was that banker'

BBC News

It was standard industry practice, according to the CCRC application for Mr Hayes, to select a rate within that accurate range best suited to the bank's commercial interests - based, for example, on the trades it had done. That was, according to him and the other defendants in rate-rigging trials, in line with a fiduciary duty they had as part of their jobs to do all they could to maximise revenues and minimise losses for their banks.

Bankers rate 'rigging' not criminal, says US

BBC News

The only Libor'rigging' that was really bad was the lowballing. That was ordered from the top - from central banks and governments. And neither the Department of Justice nor the Serious Fraud Office has ever brought that to trial.

French on mission to woo bankers from UK after Brexit

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Frankfurt is also trying to woo companies away from Britain, but Pecresse says Paris has the advantage in culture and lifestyle. She asked reporters: "When was the last time you took your partner off for a weekend in Frankfurt?"

Foundation Gets $28M Gift From Family of Investment Banker

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The Providence Journal reported ( Sixty percent of the money would be donated to the Rhode Island Foundation when she died.