The Benefits of Crowdsourcing Innovation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Cognitive Business News


Businesses have long recognized that the best and most innovative ideas usually come from the front lines – originating from the individuals directly involved in manufacturing products, executing processes, and overseeing operations. For large organizations, however, the task of soliciting, reviewing, and considering massive volumes of ideas quickly becomes overwhelming. Specifically, how do you separate the truly creative and inspired proposals from the crowd of also-rans? And, once identified, how do you ensure that the best ideas get implemented quickly? Online idea generation platforms that allow users and managers to evaluate innovation proposals can help.

Stream high-res audio to as many as 10 devices without wires? Yes, please!


The Hub by Ekko will offer a unique approach to multi-room audio when it comes to market in the summer of 2017--provided it's crowd-funding campaign is successful, that is. The ingenious wireless audio dock promises to stream a single high-fidelity audio source to as many as 10 devices at once (headphones, powered speakers, A/V receivers, or anything else with an audio input). The system is based on a docking station that will transmit audio from any source to wireless battery-powered receivers called "sound pucks" that you hardwire to your playback device of choice. While the Hub can charge only four pucks at once (and the Hub Mini is limited to two), both Hubs can stream to as many as 10 pucks at once. Audio sources can be hardwired to the Hub (using its 3.5mm analog or TOSlink digital inputs), or you can set up the Hub as an AirPlay or DLNA node.

Make history during the solar eclipse as a citizen scientist

PBS NewsHour

Today's instant global connectivity makes whole new kinds of citizen science possible during a solar eclipse. The solar eclipse this month will be our country's first total eclipse in the age of the Internet. Technologies that are commonplace now, such as smartphones, were nearly unthinkable in 1979, the last time there was a total solar eclipse seen from the continental U.S. Today's instant global connectivity makes whole new kinds of citizen science possible. The smartphones that each one of us has in our pocket are data-gathering machines, and when we upload an observation or a photo, scientists can know exactly where we were on the planet at the very moment we took it. Here are some simple and fun ways to be a scientist for a day on August 21st.

'Mirror' analyzes your personality to show dangers of A.I. - Futurity


You are free to share this article under the Attribution 4.0 International license. A new artificial intelligence system detects and displays people's personality traits from only a photo of their face. The system, called Biometric Mirror, investigates a person's understanding of AI and their response to information about their unique traits--which may or may not be correct. When someone stands in front of Biometric Mirror, the system detects a range of facial characteristics in seconds. It then compares the user's data to that of thousands of facial photos, which a group of crowd-sourced responders evaluated for their psychometrics.

NBC KO's Trump troll doll

FOX News

Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to gauge public interest for a product, with Internet users validating ideas with their hard-earned cash. Former Disney sculptor Chuck Williams is a prime example of giving the people what they want, with his Kickstarter campaign aimed at turning President Donald Trump into a Troll doll quadrupling its goal in the first week alone. After Mr Williams debuted a naked Troll-doll version of Trump on Facebook back in early February, his 12 cm-tall doll was met with praise. A subsequent Kickstarter campaign to mass-produce the Trump mockery was chasing $38,000 to cover the cost of bulk manufacturing the doll. Much to his surprise, the project attracted 3,621 backers and received over $160,000.