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Google Uses Machine Learning To Improve Google Forms


Google is using machine learning to improve Google Forms in a bid to make the tool smarter and easier to use so that people have to be less hands-on with it, while also saving them more time so they can be more efficient and devote time to other equally or perhaps more important tasks. As part of the update to Google Forms, one of the improvements included is intelligent response validation, and from time to time (whenever it's possible to do so) Google Forms will make a suggestion to users to validate a response that was issued by the person filling out a Google Form based on the questions that are asked by the form's creator. Google does note however that suggestions for validation won't be there for every single response. Also in the presence of saving time for users, Google Forms will now allow you to set up pre-configured preferences for future forms that you create so you don't have to choose certain elements each time you set up a new form, such as the option for always collecting email addresses or making questions required. Another new change is cross-file sharing support.

Google makes internal ML crash course public


Google, a worldwide leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning, has eagerly expanded its educational and professional resources needed to make AI and ML more accessible. The efforts, however, are not purely altruistic.

Google will teach you about AI and machine learning for free


These days, you can't open a tech blog without seeing headlines about artificial intelligence and machine learning (there is a difference). Google knows that many folks don't have a clue how these technologies work, even people in technology industries where AI and machine learning are going to be incredibly useful, such as app development.