A Matter of Trust


Automobile companies and technology firms are racing to deploy autonomous vehicles (AVs). But they could face one key obstacle: consumer distrust of the technology. Unnerved by the idea of not being in control--and by news of semi-AVs that have crashed, in one case killing the owner--many consumers are apprehensive. In a recent survey by AAA, for example, 78% of respondents said they were afraid to ride in an AV. Such numbers are a warning sign to firms hoping to sell millions of AVs, says Jack Weast, chief systems architect of Intel's autonomous driving group in Phoenix.

Your Consumer Rights Are Disappearing, But Here's How To Protect Yourself Now

Huffington Post

The proposed rule, ordered in the waning days of the Obama administration, would have required airlines and ticket agents to clearly disclose to consumers all customer-specific fee information, including charges for a first and second checked bag and a carry-on bag, wherever fare and schedule information is provided to consumers. It also would have mandated that the baggage fee information be disclosed, adjacent to the fare, at the first point in a search process where a fare is listed in connection with a specific flight itinerary.

Too much talk in Analytics & too little action!


Is analytics yet another fad? Is there much more talk about it than real solid action. It does seem so when you look around you as a consumer. Marketers still don't care, as much, about being relevant to you. You get that umpteenth credit card solicitation from the bank which has already sold you a card.

Chevy Bolt outlasts Tesla's Model S in Consumer Reports range test


Consumer Reports just published the results of its range test of the Chevrolet Bolt electric car and came up with some surprising results. While the Bolt is rated for 238 miles of driving by the EPA, the car exceeded that in the Consumer Reports test, squeezing out 12 more miles for a total of 250. That means the Bolt officially beats Tesla's Model S, at least in this particular test. When CR tested the Model S 75D, it got 235 miles, compared to the EPA estimate of 259. What's strange about this test isn't that the Model S underperformed compared to the EPA estimate -- the EPA range or milage is typically under the most ideal conditions that are pretty near impossible to recreate in real life driving.

16 Million Consumer Robots This Year


Juniper defined six specific categories of consumer robotics. Based on the amount of venture capital investments, autonomous vehicles lead the way, followed by social.