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The six best-paid IoT programming languages


One of the top factors slowing down IoT implementations is the talent gap: Existing market supply just cannot keep up with the demand for engineers with IoT skills. Some 68% of companies are struggling to hire developers for their IoT projects, according to research from Canonical. But the flipside to the skills shortage is that career prospects are bright for professionals with in-demand skills. Here, we focus on the programming languages that are most often used in IoT, namely, Java, C, C, Python, JavaScript and Go, and then analyze how much professionals specializing in these languages can expect to earn. We also take elements such as seniority and location into account.

2020's fastest-rising tech jobs? Programming language PHP leads the way


Scripting language PHP might not be that cool to know these days, but it is very valuable if you're new to the workforce and looking for a tech job in the US, according to job search engine Indeed. Job listings for entry-level PHP developer roles have increased a massive 834% since January 2020, making it the fastest-growing tech job across the industry, according to Indeed's data. With Wikipedia and WordPress among big sites running on server-side PHP code, it remains one of the most commonly used scripting languages for building websites and web applications, according to Stack Overflow – even if it is considered one of the "most-dreaded" languages to use. According to Indeed, the US national average salary for an entry-level PHP developer with one to five years experience is $73,334. Other relevant skills for these roles include knowledge of CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. Not so glamorous but nonetheless in demand are jobs that fall under the banner of'junior helpdesk operators' as well as'entry-level PC technician', or desktop PC support and troubleshooting.

Best sales for Oct. 29: Save on the Instant Pot Gem, KitchenAid, Apple iPad, Keurig, Microsoft Surface Pro, Beats, and more


With the start of a new week, we've rounded up the best deals on computers and accessories, kitchen gear, and Amazon devices for video streaming and home security. We also have great deals on Udemy online courses for web development and coding. There are a number of deals on major and small kitchen appliances, such as Kenmore's Elite Upright Freezer, which is priced at $749.99 on Amazon, as well as Whynter's Beverage Refrigerator, which is discounted to $202.66 from $335.00. You can also save $100 on KitchenAid's Deluxe 4.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer from Walmart and get the Instant Pot Gem on sale (which never happens) for $21 off. There are also some amazing deals on headphones, including Sennheiser HD1 Noise Canceling Headphones, which are on sale for $349.99 at Best Buy, while Beats by Dr Dre's Solo 2 Headphones are going for $119.99.

Learn how to build your own Android apps in two days


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Being a developer is awesome. The money is great, the hours are great, and you pick up on all kinds of hidden jokes while watching Silicon Valley. But mobile operating systems are always changing and it's virtually impossible to keep up. Fortunately, there are some great online resources like The Complete Android Developer Course.

The Murky Path to Growth-- And How to Make it Clearer


Are you uncertain about the future and the path you're on, wondering if this is even the path you should be on? Don't worry, you're not alone.