Five rad and random ways to enjoy augmented and virtual reality

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The Spicebox Books 4D science kit comes with 10 interactive science projects and hands-free goggles with a slot for your smartphone. The kit teaches users science with the help of augmented reality. After you download the app and place the phone into your goggles, a tiny animated scientist appears on the screen to teach you concepts from each experiment. Once the explanation is finished, you perform the experiments. The kit comes with a 30-page illustrated instruction booklet.

Augmented Reality: Bring your Imagination to Reality


The world Augmented Reality is a combination of two words, Augmented and Reality. The word Augmented has originated from another word Augment, which means to enhance something or to add. Augmented Reality which is also called AR is used to enhance user experience by adding graphics, sounds, and touch feedback into the natural world. It is also known as the "mixed reality" where, the technology overlays new information like any object. It may be window providing information of climate, news, motion picture or super cars on top of the existing environment.

Global Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Market, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive Insights, Market Size And Forecasts, 2014 - 2020 - openPR


Frank n Raf Market Research LLP Frank n Raf's Latest market research report issued on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality gives detailed industry analysis and in-depth market data for the years from 2012 to 2024. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality market have been split down by major regions, with complete market measures on the basis of products/applications on a regional basis. The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality report also includes comprehensive information on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industry situation, providing major market drivers, barriers, challenges, and opportunities over the forecast period. The research takes a closer look at Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality regulatory synopsis, industry trends, and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality growth opportunities of the market. The report covers a comprehensive ambitious landscape for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality business.

How Can Virtual Reality Affect Your Life?

TIME - Tech

Virtual reality technology is heading toward mainstream use, and augmented reality is one type of the emerging technology. Experts believe augmented reality will be useful in the workplace, such as by guiding factory workers in manufacturing products, presenting scenarios for work training or GPS-enabled displays. Brands like McDonald's, Tommy Hilfiger and Dior have also used VR for marketing. In this poll ahead of the World Economic Forum in China, TIME asks key questions about the impact of virtual and augmented reality that would change the way you live your life. The results of the poll will be presented during a panel hosted by TIME editor Matt Vella in Tianjin, China on June 26.

IoT World News - Mastercard's Vision of Virtual Reality Banks & Augmented Reality Incentives


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) remain nascent technologies at this moment in time. However, for those companies with developed internet-of-things game plans, both VR and AR frequently feature as central components, targeting enterprises and industrial players just as much as everyday consumers. When Mastercard steps up to speak at Internet of Things World this May, they'll be discussing how third parties can be employed most effectively to deliver on these strategies. Mastercard's Internet of Things World speaker Stephane Wyper, senior vice president of new commerce partnerships and commercialization, leads a team tasked with commercializing the opportunities that IoT, VR and AR present. Scrutinize the 400 speakers featured on the conference agenda all you like - you're unlikely to find a greater advocate for prioritizing VR and AR in the IoT space.