Drones Part In Construction, Inspection & Surveying


Drone technology is expanding and has conquered the great marketplace. For instance, in the construction industry, drones have displayed their potential to assist in building inspections. The numbers of companies are combining drone technology with artificial intelligence software to transform the way inspections and surveys are performed. "We're in the business of making aerial data accessible and useful," says David Morczinek, co-founder of MBA'18. Airworks, an MIT aerial analytics start-up, has provided aerial analytics to the construction industry, and also created the software which converts the aerial data into land surveys.

Drones to begin safety inspection of hydropower dams in Brazil


H3 Dynamics has partnered with Curitiba-based EPH Engineering in Brazil, a firm that specializes in hydropower design, dam inspections and safety plans, to launch a turnkey dam inspection solution that combines AI-enabled damage assessment and HYCOPTER fuel cell drones capable of flying 3.5 hours at a time. With over 5,000 dams submitted to the Brazilian Dam Safety Plan, and two recent collapse incidents causing more than 300 deaths and major environmental damage, Brazilian authorities have tightened inspection and upkeep requirements in the country. "Many accident reports show that problems were not detected by instrumentation but by visual observation. Drones can help, but due to the large dimensions of these structures we need much longer flight times." Some of the dams are so large that they would require months of battery-powered drone flights to fully scan their surfaces.

Drones Tested for Minnesota Bridge Inspections

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Transportation officials expect the technology will save money and provide another perspective on how the state's bridges are holding up. The drone allows inspectors not only to see the bridge, but detect temperature changes in the concrete.

'Drone Or Satellite' What To Use In Inspection? – DEEP AERO DRONES – Medium


When it comes to gathering the information drones have proven to be the best alternative to the satellites. The question is whether to use both or one to perform the specific task. Various satellite companies are imaging the entire globe every single day and make use of the gathered data. A large amount of data to be gathered quickly should be done via satellites. Drones help scaling up the data quickly and efficiently.

How Drones Are Being Able To Reduce Inspection Cost By 50%


UAV's have came a long way, helping capture aerial images to perform a variety of tasks in a faster, cheaper and safer way. Automation has played a key role and helped cut inspection costs by as much as 50%. Moreover, cell tower inspection via drone would enable minimal risk and guarantee high-quality reproducible results. The savings are evident as compared to the traditional inspections method. This kind of workflow is cost-effective and the workflow of each step depends on the quality of the result in the previous step.