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How AI Can Bring a Personalized Experience to IoT - DZone IoT


Sometimes it's easy to become a tad jaded about all things IoT, particularly in the consumer market due to the slew of single-purpose capabilities, copycat products, poor interconnectivity, and of course, the litany of security embarrassments. Then you meet a company that offers a way to make connected products personal, instinctual and truly targeted to the individual. I've been following the work of Neura, for a while and I met with their CMO, Kris Bondi, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to get an update on the company's progress and gain further insights. Effectively a B2B2C company, Neura has created an AI engine that turns IoT environments into connected universes that allow companies to connect with their customers during the most meaningful moments. Neura enables consumers to take control of their smart home devices โ€“ from Amazon Echo, Nest thermostat, Hue Lights, Ring smart doorbell, refrigerators and more โ€“ and make their smart homes more intelligent with the integration of true AI.

How AI Will Take Predictive Analytics to the Next Level - DZone AI


This article is featured in the new DZone Guide to Artificial Intelligence: Automating Decision-Making. Get your free copy for more insightful articles, industry statistics, and more! Since February of 2018, scientists from Google's health-tech subsidiary have pioneered innovative ways of creating revolutionary healthcare insights through artificial intelligence prediction algorithms. Based on the back of a patient's eye scan, their system can make predictions against the patient's risk of experiencing a severe cardiac incident. To achieve this, they trained a Machine Learning system with medical data including the age, blood pressure, and smoking habits of about 300,000 patients.

Will Tech Make Insurance Obsolete in the Future?


We profit from it, we fear it, and we find it impossibly hard to quantify: risk. While not the sexiest of industries, insurance can be a life-saving protector, pooling everyone's premiums to safeguard against some of our greatest, most unexpected losses. One of the most profitable in the world, the insurance industry exceeded $1.2 trillion in annual revenue since 2011 in the US alone. But risk is becoming predictable. And insurance is getting disrupted fast.

Neura AI aims to make the connected home truly smart


You're probably used to waking up to coffee, thanks to a pre-programmed machine. But what about an oven that offers breakfast options based on your health and recipes designed around your level of activity for the day? Or a thermostat that adjusts for the day's weather and knows when you're headed out? Or plumbing that alerts you to the exact location of a leak, or plugs that deliver electricity only when you need an item to work? Today Neura is introducing an AI solution that makes all of this a reality โ€“ turning IoT environments into truly connected universes that allow companies to connect to their customers during the most meaningful moments.

How the Industrial IoT is transforming industry


IoT may be the "latest" big thing, but that doesn't mean it's accepted by customers. Here are tips on building a business case for IoT projects.