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For a platform that is "everywhere in the world" and instrumental in helping its users make sense of the often hectic pace of current events, the purpose and principles of Twitter must provide a solid base from which its employees operate. Weinstein credits Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, with establishing the company's values through "transparent, empathetic, human, engaged" leadership. "The leaders who have gained a lot of trust are the ones who consistently and authentically step up for what matters to them, to their employee base and to their customers," Weinstein said.

Millennials aren't entitled. Workplace culture has changed and employers need to adapt.


Millennials are "entitled" at work. We're the "Me Me Me Generation," and, apparently, we want "success on a plate." But, maybe it's time for employers to take a cold, hard look in the mirror and ask themselves this: Are you as receptive as you could be to the skills and ideas that millennials are bringing to the table? SEE ALSO: I'm a secret Slack lurker and it's ruining my time off Given that 35 percent of the workforce will consist of millennials by 2020--and a further 24 percent will be Gen Z workers--it's time to start ditching the negative epithets, and start embracing this generation's assets at work. Emma Gannon--author of The Multi-Hyphen Method, a book about what the future of the workplace might look like--says millennials get labelled "entitled" because "they get frustrated" by outdated and rigid workplace environments which aren't open to doing things differently.

Bungie's head of HR steps down following reports of toxic workplace culture


Gayle d'Hondt has stepped down as head of HR at Bungie after 14 years, according to IGN. The move comes shortly after the same publication released a report with accounts by former and current Bungie employees painting a picture of a workplace culture that's both toxic and sexist. In some instances, HR personnel were reportedly unwilling to help complainants and actively protected harmful individuals. In her email sent to employees and seen by IGN, d'Hondt said she wants to do "everything in [her] power to make sure everyone who works [at Bungie] has a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment." It's necessary, she added, for the company's HR team to move forward with membership "largely comprised of people new to Bungie."

The Changing Nature Of Assessing Personalities In The Workplace


Personality tests at work today mainly consist of surveys. They're popular because one can run many in a short time. However, their end is near. Computers can now read emotions. Linking these to personality types is only a matter of demand.

Artificial intelligence: Your data may be ready, but are your people?


Amid the staggering pace of innovation in enterprise technology, it's all too easy to overlook the role of employees whose job is to process, interpret and action the data emanating from these systems. Dr Anne Hsu is a behavioural psychologist and computer science lecturer at Queen Mary University of London. In this article, she shares her perspectives on how people are interacting with, and being impacted by, the volume and velocity of data in the modern workplace. There is a common misconception surrounding the use of AI that remains pervasive in many organisations. It's that AI exists purely in the domain of data scientists and technical teams, with the endgame of'dehumanising' the workplace – making the future of work appear calculated and mechanical.