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Watch a Tesla Model X tow a passenger airplane down a runway


Monday was an exciting day for electric vehicles everywhere. Slowly but surely, the vehicle pulled the plane, from Australian airline Qantas, almost 300 meters. SEE ALSO: Watch Tesla's Autopilot avoid a swerving semi-truck This was, according to Qantas, the first time in history an electric passenger vehicle has towed a passenger plane (though electric vehicles do commonly tow other aircrafts). The car actually received a Guinness World Record for heaviest tow by an electric production passenger vehicle. The Tesla is the electric passenger vehicle with the highest towing capacity currently on the market, so it's not surprising that it was able to tow such a heavy load -- but it's still impressive, as publicity stunts go.

Getting plugged into electric cars

Los Angeles Times

BMW touts this four-passenger car's light weight due to a carbon fiber framework; 25% of its interior uses renewable materials. Charging options include using household outlet. An electric-powered version of the stylish two-door Fiat 500 hatchback; reviewers cited zippy handling but a cramped interior. Car and Driver magazine called the four-door Focus E the "Tesla Model S for the 99%: quiet, smooth and sophisticated.". This four-door, squarish electric vehicle was introduced to U.S. market in late 2014 with limited availability; can seat five passengers.

The disability vehicle so tiny it couldn't take passengers

BBC News

For decades, disabled people in the UK were given strange, turquoise, three-wheeled cars.

Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Shooting at Vehicles

U.S. News

The shootings happened on May 18, 2015. Police say Pona was firing from inside a Cadillac Escalade. One bullet lodged into a child-safety seat inside an SUV. In another incident, shots were fired into a Ford Mustang. No one was seriously hurt.

Dad Arrested for Falsely Reporting Missing Child

U.S. News

Authorities say the girl was found at school. Earlier police reported the child was in a vehicle that was stolen in Milwaukee Tuesday morning. And, that the vehicle was recovered, but the child was still missing.