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HP aims to use its Multi Jet Fusion additive manufacturing technology in its supply chain


HP said it will use its own Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology in its supply chain to lower costs, cut design time and lead times. And HP's implementation of its own additive manufacturing technology will also serve as a massive case study. HP delivers almost 100 million products annually through its network of factories and manufacturing partners. HP's program is called Reinventing HP With Multi Jet Fusion is being outlined at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group conference. Enterprise companies eating their own dog food and highlighting returns to customers is nothing new.

What 3D Printer Should I Buy in 2020? Your Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing


So, you have finally given in and are interested in joining the ever-expanding world of 3D printing professionals and hobbyists. However, the world of 3D printing can be overwhelming and unnecessarily expensive if you are jumping into this world blindly. There are a million questions flying around like: "What is an FDM printer? Or should I get an SLA printer? Do I need a semi-professional printer for my small business? What is a good 3D printer to use in the classroom? What exactly is a filament? How do I maximize my print quality?"

This smart printer works with Alexa--but do you need it?

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Scanning apps and smart styluses have replaced many of the features of multifunction printers, but even the fanciest app can't produce a picture to hang on the wall or a contract you can sign with ink. Even in this digital age, there are plenty of uses for printers, and they're now more technologically advanced than ever. HP's Tango X, for example, can print wirelessly, order its own ink, and even print documents you request via a voice command. It has a lot of fancy features, but are they really useful? We spent some time with the Tango X to find out.

HP launches 3D Multi Jet printers that aim to deliver fully functional, color parts with systems in $50,000 range


HP on Monday rolled out a fast prototyping 3D printer that starts in the $50,000 range and features engineering grade full color parts. The move illustrates how HP plans to use advances in materials to advance its 3D printing efforts. The company's rollout is designed to open up 3D printing to smaller enterprises, design teams within larger companies and universities. Stephen Nigro, president of HP's 3D printing unit, said the lower-cost 3D printers can appeal to smaller companies. "When we look at utilizing 3D printing we have a hurdle: It has to make economic and business sense to do," he said.

A look at the 3D printer that made a 'Colony' alien come to life


Last week's season finale of USA Networks' Colony was an emotional, cliffhanger-filled adventure. But behind the scenes, it was anything but a small feat to make happen. In fact, the show's alien alone took hours of artistry, hard work, and a badass 3D printer to bring to life. The MakerBot Replicator Z18 was the machine used to create the individual pieces of the alien suit, that were then detailed and finished by a group of artists. The process is detailed in the video above, which you're seeing first on Mashable.