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'LOCUS' is a non-political and not-for-profit organization of undergraduate students of Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering, Central Campus that promotes technical innovative ideas and creation along with engineering studies through interaction and healthy competition among creative minds in technical fields.

Let a stranger pick your next profile pic, seriously


According to a new study, that's true--and we're not very good at recognizing which of our profile pictures others will find beautiful. In a small experiment with 102 students, researchers at UNSW Sydney in Australia found that the photos we pick of ourselves for our social media profiles, dating apps and professional networks don't put us in the best light. Their findings, published Thursday in the journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, suggest that instead of being your best judge of attractiveness and other personality traits, you're better off asking the advice of a stranger. The researchers asked the students to choose two out of 12 photos that they were most or least likely to choose for a profile pic for sites like Facebook, Match and LinkedIn. Then they did the same selection process on strangers' pictures who had already participated in the study.

Trendsetters teach us how to pose for show-stopping Tinder profile photos


Get it right, and you could find yourself in demand. But, get it wrong, and you could end up dateless. Mashable asked some of the trendiest people at London Fashion Week how to pose for a Tinder profile photo. And, of course, they gave us some stellar advice on how to create a show-stopper. You don't want to seem overly friendly, don't want to give out the wrong impression."

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I've read that you should explain low GPAs. The trend is in the right direction. I don't think you need to explain. Multiple decades experience in cultural dance. And what does dancing have to do with CS? Unless you are an Inuit?