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My name is Tina, I am a photographer and graphic designer from Latvia, living on a canal boat in London. I enjoy smart design, impactful storytelling, books, films and people that make me change my mind. I am into brain teasers, data viz, running and learning random fun things. I will share the best of it in monthly newsletters. Sign up to find out about things I wish I found out about earlier.

Ethiopia's new coastal rail link runs through restive region

U.S. News

One of Africa's best-performing economies on Wednesday launched its latest massive infrastructure project, a railway linking the landlocked country with a major port on the Gulf of Aden. But it came just days after dozens were killed in anti-government protests in the region the railway runs through.

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The Secret Lives of Amtrak Passengers

The New Yorker

The photographer McNair Evans grew up in a small town in North Carolina. During the summers, he worked repairing railroad ties on a local freight line. His photographic work has often explored the connections between landscape and history and psychology, and in the past three years he's returned to his early connection to the American rail system. For the series "In Search of Great Men," Evans has taken a series of two-week trips on Amtrak, travelling all over the country to capture the lives of his fellow-passengers during their long-haul sojourns across the continent. Evans, who was recently named a 2016 Guggenheim fellow, captures the peculiar state of enforced relaxation that long-distance travel imposes.

Opinion How to Regulate Artificial Intelligence


The technology entrepreneur Elon Musk recently urged the nation's governors to regulate artificial intelligence "before it's too late." Mr. Musk insists that artificial intelligence represents an "existential threat to humanity," an alarmist view that confuses A.I. science with science fiction. Nevertheless, even A.I. researchers like me recognize that there are valid concerns about its impact on weapons, jobs and privacy. It's natural to ask whether we should develop A.I. at all. I believe the answer is yes.