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Health Union Acquires Patient Advocate Network WEGO Health – M&A


Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. Powered by its Patient Leader Network of more than 100k individuals, WEGO Health has combined the science of influencer marketing with the power of patient-driven content to deliver engagement across patient communities at scale. With the addition of WEGO Health's Patient Leader Network, Health Union will become the largest team of experts, patient advocates and healthcare leaders, reaching scale that has never before been achieved in social health. In addition to expanding opportunities within its online health communities, the company will create and deliver unique solutions that impact all people on their health journey, from patients who passively seek health information to patient advocates and influencers who actively share health information on multiple social media platforms. The combined teams will provide the healthcare industry with disruptive solutions that bring value – in new ways – to patients, sponsors and partners.

USAID, Gates Foundation, J&J And Merck To Kick Off 3rd Annual Global Digital Health Forum Exploring Innovations In Technology Revolutionizng Global Health


Global Digital Health Forum attendees will have the opportunity to learn from leading experts about emerging health trends in low- and middle-income countries, and discover how to tap into emerging innovations and funding priorities,

The Future of Public Health: Narrowing the gap - Thoughts from the Centre


Over the past seven months, we have been developing a series of reports examining the current challenges and future requirements for a resilient public health system in the UK. This week we launched the first report in the series, Narrowing the gap: A fairer and sustainable future for public health.1 This report is an executive overview highlighting the key findings from a series of deep dive reports into the crucial challenges facing public health. This week's blog provides highlights from our overview report and a taster of what to expect from our report series which we will launch over the next few weeks. Public health is defined as'the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organised efforts and informed choices of society, organisations, public and private communities and individuals'.2

Microsoft is closing its HealthVault patient-records service on November 20


Microsoft is dropping its HealthVault patient records-management service, the company notified customers via email today, April 5. The service will be shut down on November 20 and any data residing in the service will be deleted after that date. HealthVault was one of the last pieces left of Microsoft's original foray into first-part health services products. Recently, Microsoft officials said they were ending support for the Microsoft Health Dashboard applications and services as of May 31. Early last year, Microsoft dropped its HealthVault Insights application.

Microsoft drops Windows Phone version of its HealthVault app


Microsoft is continuing to make moves in the health and fitness area that are leaving many confused. The latest: Microsoft is dropping the existing Windows Phone version of its HealthVault app and seemingly has no plans to develop a version for Wndows 10 Mobile. Microsoft began notifying existing Windows Phone HealthVault users of its plans on September 22 via an email letter. The letter from the HealthVault team claimed that Microsoft has recently "seen some issues with the app due to compatibility problems.""We "We will therefore be ending our support for the app and removing it from the Windows Phone Store."The