PlayStation VR is now on sale: Sony's virtual reality gaming headset will take on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

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Sony has finally launched its long-awaited PlayStation VR headset. The virtual reality device is now on sale in countries around the world including the UK, US and Japan. Priced at 399 ( 349), the headset is significantly cheaper than rival devices. PlayStation VR headsets work with PS4 consoles, more than 40 million of which have been sold globally. Dozens of software titles for the device are in the pipeline, allowing players to fly like an eagle, drive sports cars in high-speed races, and explore castles.

Review: Playstation VR Is the Best First-Generation Virtual Reality Headset

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Maybe you think virtual reality circa 2016 is a fad, a trumped up way of looking at otherwise ordinary games. Maybe you find it too visually crude and ergonomically strange--picture what someone playing pin the tail on the donkey would look like if their blindfold had a tether and weighed over a pound. Maybe feeling "present" in someone else's imaginarium, with all its head-mounted headaches and bridal veil's worth of cabling, isn't enough to move your needle. Sony's PlayStation VR, due October 13, won't change your mind if your opinion's coalesced around the tech based on this spring's dueling headsets from HTC and Oculus. You're either dazzled or disinterested, inspired or unmoved.

Virtual reality porn to be offered as room service in Las Vegas hotels

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And Las Vegas has taken things another step further, with the Strip's hotels set to start offering virtual reality porn as room service. British virtual reality headset manufacturer AuraVisor has teamed up with porn studio VR Bangers to create the service, which will cost 19.99 during its trial in Las Vegas hotels. The service, created by virtual reality headset manufacturers AuraVisor and porn studio VR Bangers, will cost 19.99 during its trial in Las Vegas (pictured) hotels VR Bangers has created a selection of films that are all set inside a hotel room to add to their realism, Engadget reported. Viewers will be able to'see their hotel room replicated in the VR headset', the company said. The AuraVisor device essentially works like a smartphone, with a five-inch, 1080p display and a 100-degree field of view.

Microsoft's budget Windows VR headsets roll out to developers soon


A lucky few developers will be able to get their hands on a low-cost Windows virtual reality headset starting this month. Microsoft announced Wednesday that the Acer Mixed Reality Developer Edition headset will start rolling out to a handpicked batch of software makers starting the end of March, with more coming later. This marks the first release of a Windows Mixed Reality headset, which Microsoft first previewed last year. The headsets are supposed to stand out from the crowd because of a lower price and their support for "inside-out" tracking that uses sensors on the device to determine a user's position, rather than relying on external trackers to gather that information. That's why Microsoft is calling them mixed reality headsets.

Facebook and Xiaomi to Launch Virtual-Reality Headset in China WSJD - Technology

Facebook Inc. FB -0.16% and Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi Corp. are teaming up to launch a virtual-reality headset in China that would give the American tech giant a toehold in a growing market where its main business has long been blocked.