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Corporate influencers are more important than celebrities for customer connection


The influencer marketing market will reach $5-$10 billion dollars over the next five years according to a new study. Instagram influencer marketing alone is projected to be worth near $2 billion in 2018. The cloud is disrupting traditional operating models for IT departments and entire organizations. Skillful use of influencers can propel brands to success rapidly, but there can be significant downsides if businesses get things wrong. Now a new study will help enterprises to get the best ROI from influencers.

Smiling bearded dragon racks up 4,000 Instagram followers

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Smaug the smiley mini dragon has almost 4,000 followers on Instagram, making him Britain's most famous reptile. But the lizard actually opens its mouth to help it regulate its body temperature. The animal will usually perform this behaviour when it is basking in the warmth of a heat lamp. The bearded dragon may also open its mouth if it has a respiratory disease, according to scientists. She said: 'I rescued him from his old owners who kept him in a garage.

Bots have invaded Instagram comments


The last thing I expected to find on Instagram was someone telling me not to look at their Story if I didn't want to masturbate. But that comment, which I can only assume was intended reverse psychology, wasn't just directed at me. It was left on a post from Sky Sports and, thanks to the thousands of likes garnered by the comment, it was the first thing the account's 2.7 million followers would see when they looked at the comments on that picture. There are similar comments all over Instagram, particularly on high-profile pages with millions of followers. And they have one thing in common: They're spam profiles with pictures and videos of naked and half-naked women, which were created to get you to look at their accounts and then have you sign up for shady pornographic sites.

Vending machines let people PAY for Instagram likes

Daily Mail - Science & tech

For some people in this technology-obsessed era, gaining attention on social media is the ultimate goal. And a new vending machine could help you to look like an Instagram celebrity, without putting in much effort. The vending machines, which have appeared in Russian shopping centres, allow users to pay for fake Instagram likes and followers. A new vending machine could help you to look like an Instagram celebrity, without putting in much effort. The machines have been installed in six Russian cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Saratov, Petrozavodsk and Cheboksary, as well as Prague.

Alibaba opens unmanned 'auto vending machine' in China

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Chinese consumers can now use a smartphone app to order and test drive a car that's dispensed via an'auto vending machine.' Alibaba and Ford have created a'Super Test-Drive Center,' which is an unstaffed, multi-floor building that houses up to 42 cars. At the cat-themed vending machine, prospective buyers can see, test drive and even buy a vehicle on site using Alibaba's Tmall app. Pictured is the'Super Test-Drive Center' in Guangzhou, China that can dispense Ford vehicles for users to view, test-drive and even buy. To do that, users browse and choose from 100 Ford models, select a time for pick-up and then snap a selfie, which is used to verify their identity when picking up the car for a test drive.