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The highest proportion of deadly traffic accidents involve cars and bicycles: NPA survey

The Japan Times

Car-and-bicycle collisions accounted for about 40 percent of fatal traffic accidents in the country last year, a National Police Agency survey has revealed. The accidents occurred frequently in cases where bicycles were entering intersections from the right side of passenger cars, with most occurring at night, according to the survey. The reason, according to the NPA, is most drivers tend to focus more on cars entering intersections from the left side. "We hope that car drivers will pay enough attention to bicycles on their right side and cyclists will abide by traffic rules for their own safety," an NPA official said. At night, car drivers may have difficulty noticing approaching bicycles from the right because of limited peripheral vision due to the illumination provided by low-beam headlights, which are designed to minimize glare from oncoming automobiles, according to the agency.

Want to Save Money on Car Insurance? Buy a Mountain Lion.


South Dakota offers a test case example of how effective this solution might be. Cougars have been slowly migrating East: They only recolonized the Black Hills in western South Dakota in 2005. When Gilbert and her team looked at mountain lion recolonization in the western part of South Dakota, they found that from 2005–2012, deer-vehicle collisions fell by 9 percent, resulting in $1.1 million in annual societal benefits for the citizens of western South Dakota. By avoiding an estimated 158 deer vehicle collisions annually, auto insurers are already saving roughly $630,000 a year in payouts in the Black Hills.

Today's rarest space rocks were once common clods

Popular Science

The history of our solar system is a history of collisions. Evidence of these collisions rains down on us every day in the form of meteorites--rocks hurled into space when massive asteroids crash into each other. For the first time, researchers have examined some of the rocky relics of a particularly colossal crash that occurred 466 million years ago. The results, published in Nature Astronomy, show that some of the rarest meteorites of the modern world were once commonplace, making up more than a third of the total space debris. "We found that the meteorite flux, the variety of meteorites falling to Earth, was very, very different from what we see today," says Philipp Heck, the study's lead author and Associate Curator of Meteoritics and Polar Studies at the Field Museum of Natural History.

Most Toyota autos to have system to prevent mistaken acceleration

The Japan Times

NAGOYA – Toyota Motor Corp. will install a system in 90 percent of its vehicles sold in Japan by March 2019 to help prevent mistaken acceleration, the automaker said. The leading Japanese automaker made the decision after determining that the system, called Intelligent Clearance Sonar, has reduced the number of collisions to one-tenth the original rate. In recent years, there have been a number of accidents blamed on elderly drivers mistakenly hitting the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. The ICS system recognizes obstacles around the vehicle during parking and prevents sudden acceleration by reducing engine output and using automated braking. The system is already installed in some 30 percent of Toyota vehicles, mainly luxury and large models.

Police data shows 50% of elderly drivers in fatal accidents had cognitive impairments

The Japan Times

Almost half the elderly drivers who caused fatal traffic accidents in Japan last year were considered to have cognitive impairments such as dementia, police data showed Thursday.